View Full Version : Need Help On Getting In The Clock Tower

13th Jun 2004, 04:47
Hey guys, im really doing my head in about trying to find that upper access pipe that leads to the clock tower. In a section in Stonemarket Plaza i look up and see that blue symbol in front of a vent, byt i have no idea on how to get there. Any1 care to offer some help.

Secrets Of Nosgoth
13th Jun 2004, 04:52
You may need the climbing gloves if you haven't yet picked them up. You get them in the merchant at the docks. Then all you have to do is climb up on one of the pipes and walk to the blue mission marker.

13th Jun 2004, 17:10
Yes, you need $2000 worth of stuff on normal mode to purchase these gloves - I had to go back to other levels many times to get enough to buy them. They are available from the merchant in the Docks section - you can also climb in that same section and get the green moss arrows that you can see up on the wall...