View Full Version : Windows 95/98/ME

13th Jun 2004, 02:59
Not being funny but I am shocked to see how many people are still running these operating systems.

To play this game you need modern hardware, it strikes me that people have been reinstalling these so called operating (apart from ME, what was that supposed to be anyway, a toaster?) on their shiney new hardware systems. These OSs are obsolete, redundant and lets all face it, complete garbage.

Yeah, 2k, 2003 and XP have security issues, that what happens when you put SOME security into the OS. NT was okish, but its in the same vein.

Get with the program and upgrade, or buy an x-box, that £300 quid nvidia/raddion you just bought cost 3x the price of the operating system you require to run it. |

You cant complain when it says on the side of the box "WARNING, will not run with old cr** operating systems"