View Full Version : Mouse Trouble ?

13th Jun 2004, 01:04
Howdy, Just about finished the first level and my mouse goes wacko ! Well, maybe it's not my mouse. Garret slowly moves backward, I can't keep him still. worst of all. I can't use the mouse at all to pick locks. What's up ? Any help would be appreciative.

14th Jun 2004, 20:30
You didn't five much info on your problem. Does your mouse work find in other programs and games? IF so, you may have a corrupt file or driver. Try reinstalling the game or your mouse driver, also you might want to try turning down even off some of the graphics and or sound card attributes. Without any further info thats about all I can suggest.

14th Jun 2004, 22:49
thanx for the reply. I checked earlier posts... It was my joystick. Just unplugged it and I'm up and runnin. I just wish that would have been addressed in the readme.