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13th Jun 2004, 00:51
well i started to play it and i was about to go to the docks and into the sewers for the gyphs key and along the way i knock a guard with the blackjack ok so i took him to the river to throw him in and fell in with him and all of the sudden i am stuck in the pavelock prision well i escape and got my stuff stole some loot while then i headed for the docks via the only way i know and loads the docks and completely crash the game to the desktop anyone can help thanx

14th Jun 2004, 20:34
I have had the game crash to the desktop twice. After I got about a third way through the game the crash never occured again. This is what some are saying is a bug in the game. Look around the forum, some thing they have a fix for that. Hope ION STORM fixes that problem, amoung others, in the first patch.

14th Jun 2004, 21:17
i have ctd's every 3-30 mins. As you can imagine it is very annoying. My specs:

Athlon xp2000+
Asus A7S333
ATI 9600XT (4.4)
Audigy (latest drivers)
Win XP

The crashes occour seemingly randomly, but it if i restart my comp it seems to last a bit longer. After its crashed once and i dont restart, its not long till the next crash.

Have currently got 4.4 drivers for the graphics card, but have tried the 4.6's and it made no difference.

Have also tried:

disabling the audigy and using my onboard sound instead.

Switching on and off independently all of the graphic and audio options.

Different resolutions

Shutting down every non essential process on my system.

My system is has always been very stable and i have had no problem running other modern games such as far cry, painkiller or pandora tommorrow.

This problem is really getting me down. Im only on the church of st edgar and i really really like the game, but i dont know if i can handle the frustration of playing anymore. If anyone can think of anything that might help i would be very grateful..

:confused: :confused: :confused:

14th Jun 2004, 23:14
I have only had 1 or 2 crashes myself and have had no problems playing for 2+ hours at a time, so I have no other suggestions than to underclock your graphics card. Yes, you read that correctly. Underclock it and see if it helps. It could be overheating or even drawing more power than your power supply can handle.

AthlonXP 1800+
Nvidia GF4 Ti4200 w/ 56.72 drivers
512MB PC2100 RAM
SBLive! 5.1
340 Watt Enermax PSU
XP Home

14th Jun 2004, 23:21
i read your post but my prob seem to lie in a patch becuase after a certain point the game dies as far as my drivers goes i have fx 5900xt and the latest drivers with nvidia my and i reboot and it happen again i turn off my computer to cool it off and the same thing i guess i have to wait for the patch to be release hopefully before finsh this freakin game :)

14th Jun 2004, 23:36
I get a CTD once a day at best, and even then it's just a matter of reloading.

15th Jun 2004, 08:21
ive had overheating problems before, but they always resulted in a bsod. When t3 crashes it just suddenly closes and boots me back to the desktop. Because of the problems i had before im pretty sure i now have adequate cooling so it doesn't overheat. Still, thanks for the suggestion, i will give underclocking a try, just in case.

15th Jun 2004, 08:26
Uhhh... technomage1701 listen, there is such a thing as punctuation... I mean it's really hard to understand what you are trying to say or what you are describing... I gave up reading your post on the first line. Made my eyes water...