View Full Version : Overly pixelated textures??

12th Jun 2004, 22:29
when I play T3 (with all settings on high) a lot of textures are bumpmaped but are still really pixelated (i.e. only somewhat smoother than playstation 1 graphics) the majority of textures do not suffer from this issue but is that normal??

Mr. Perfect
12th Jun 2004, 23:35
The texture quality is set to low by default, make sure that's not still on. The first time through I missed that option because the arrows on the scroll bars don't scroll. They take you to the extreme ends and skip the options in the middle of the page. You have to use the keyboard arrow keys or move the scrollbar manually with the mouse to see the stuff in the middle.

23rd Jun 2004, 22:28
everything is set to high (sliders all the way to the right). the textures arn't realy THAT bad but they are chunky ie: can see each little pixel ala playstation. I'm onna radeon 9800 which should support all the latest pixel shaders and whatnot so I dunno... maybe I'm just picky

23rd Jun 2004, 22:57
You're not picky.

While there are a lot of pretty good texutes, there are some pretty bad textures in the game as well.

24th Jun 2004, 00:34
Are you playing with the "Bloom" option turned on? Try runing multisampling instead, should make the game look sharper.