View Full Version : Need help optimizing the darn puter.

12th Jun 2004, 17:58
Hi all.

I'm an ol'timer Thief-fan who think the Thief-series are the best thing since toast. I just got me greedy fat fingers on the latest "Deadly Shadows", n' it's driving me berserk. For some unexplainable reason the Builders have decided to go with the Deux Ex 2-engine, n' i can't for me life figure out how to get the darn thing to run smoothly on me puter.

Currently running the game on 800x600 without Bloom, anti aliasing on 2xQ, but it gives me the crabs to be forced to run the thing with settings that looks like s***e and gives me an headache. I've bought this game with me hard earned money just to discover it's either XBOX exclusive or i've fatfingered something.

This is my puter:

Intel (R)
Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.40GHz
512 MB RAM
NVidia GeForce4 Ti 4600

I'm not after the fireworks, i just want a game where i can focus on the gameplay and not be bothered by choppy graphics and crap like that.

Appriciate any help.

Da BuzZ
12th Jun 2004, 18:07
it's actually the "cheap" version of Unreal Engine 2.0 it's based on i believe :o

P4 1.5 Ghz
768 PC800 RD-Ram
GF4 Ti4200

This somewhat fixed it for me with changing the Default.ini, i couldnt really notice a difference gfx wise but it ran better... 1024x768 w/ AA @ 2x

Set the following to false :x


Sleepy Ben
12th Jun 2004, 18:12
Im running it on - XP2400, 768mb, geforce4ti 4200 64mb 275/550
at 800x600 max details / no bloom or multisampling.
Use the 44.03s - much better than the 56.72s.
Alter the cache size in the games Default.ini from 1mb to 64mb or higher (some ppl have suggested 350mb) and turn off vsync.
This should help.

12th Jun 2004, 18:57
Finally i can concentrate on the game! Thanks a lot for the help!:D

12th Jun 2004, 20:03
I'd also suggest grabbing another 512 stick of ram and running it in dual channel mode (if your mobo supports it)

That will enable you to up your AGP aperture size in adittion to the obvious performance increases you'll get from having more memory. I only have a 2.4 as well (well I've oc'd it to 2.65 but it doesn't make much difference) and I get "okay" (30fps on average) with all the settings high.

Sleepy Ben
12th Jun 2004, 21:04
With 512mb he's fine for this game. If I alt-tab out and check memory usage its only 250ish - this is a xbox/pc hybrid after all. Its not Far Cry!