View Full Version : bug? in cradle

12th Jun 2004, 14:28
ok so i helped out Laurel, doing all her stuff, and then she tells me to go lock myself in the basement. ugh. so i go grab the tinderbox and head over to the fireplace and click. nothing happens. ok fine. i grab the wax mask and go into the seclusion chamber and click the hanging effigy thing. again nothing.

whats the deal?

12th Jun 2004, 15:49
You don't need any of the toys to do this part. Just go get in the little cell in the basement (outer cradle) and close the door with you inside. It's the cell that she gives you a warning about the first time you walk by it.

12th Jun 2004, 15:50
You're supposed to go to the basement in the present and just lock yourself in the cell. Remember the one she told you to stay away from in the beginning of the mission when you got her blood?

12th Jun 2004, 15:51
lol - you beat me to it... :)