View Full Version : Pavelock Prison

12th Jun 2004, 06:52
This should probably be spoiled so...

I happen to be playing with the guards in the streets one time, and I thought I was dead, and was about to load. But low and behold, I was in prison! Yeah this is cool.. I went through it and got out.. But then I thought for a minute and decided to load my previous save instead. Think it was right after the citadel mission. I'm now on the clocktower mission but yet have gone through the prison again.

I was wondering, is there any benefit of going to jail early in the game, as opposed to later on in the game..? Do you only go there once?

12th Jun 2004, 08:13
Hi, I've went through the prison but not finished the game (because of the AI bug, but now I can continue thanks to the fix from mattexx (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?threadid=40147), THAT DUDE ROCKS!). From what I've read in the forums is that the prison is kinda like a 'side misson' and good for loot. If you do it early and leave through the front gate (I read that you can't re-enter through the sewer) then you can go back through it 'each new day' for more loot. If I'm wrong then someone please correct me. hth.