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12th Jun 2004, 05:57
Most people think that moss arrows and oil flasks are useless. THIS ISNT TRUE! Moss arrrows can also be fired at people and will begin to strangle them. During this time they cant yell and are completely preocupied with surviving allowing you to do whatever you need. Just like the flashbombs. Then there are oil flasks. These are a barrel of laughs. Its the only weapon I can think of that allows you to be creative in your are >:D and can also be used quite effectively. Place one on a ledge and the NPCs may end up sliding off. They can also slide into walls and anything else that can hurt them!

12th Jun 2004, 12:29
There are people who consider moss arrows and other items useless.But that is totally wrong.
I've used these arrows in many parts of the game.
The final mission--->where the *uckin' hag patrols to use moss arrows is nearly compulsory.
The oils flasks are perfect for escaping opponents......
And the flashbombs....they are irreplaceable....

12th Jun 2004, 13:01
Well, I've used the moss arrows to SILENCE my foes, very cool effect when used on the Keeper Enforcers, really sad (if you want I will explain). But the oil flasks I have not yet used them.
But one funny thing happened once. In the DOCKS there was one guard standing very close to the water, so I thought that that might be a perfect way to see what the oil flasks do. But since I was really sleepy, instead of going into the tools menu I kept scrolling around in the weapons menu, decided upon having fun with a noisemaker arrow instead. Fired one and the other guard went to check it and some other guards from other places in the Docks came too, but the guard near the water did not move, just went on guard drawing his sword. When he drew his sword he took a step back and started sliding very slowly towards the water, 'cose he was right on the edge. Eventually he slid off and fell into the water screaming. So I had my fun, no oil flask wasted.

Not the mention the time when a guard saw me in the musem came after me so I decided to go out of the musem. Outside (in the yard where you start the mission) there was ONE guard left (did not need to bj him). He was the dumb guard. I ran out with the guard running after me. The guard following me started yelling "Help, I've got an intruder, anyone, help! Stop you taffer!" and makind a lot of noise. The dumb guard listens for a second and although the other guard was still screaming his lungs out, says "Well, sometimes your ears can play tricks on ya!"

12th Jun 2004, 16:57
Originally posted by LeMartin
...(did not need to bj him). He was the dumb guard...

Is that how YOU get things done in the game? I guess you could use that to get you past a FEW guards. :D

Hey! I'd like to see some screen-shots of that! Mwahahahaha!


12th Jun 2004, 19:21
Originally posted by Sabathius
Is that how YOU get things done in the game? I guess you could use that to get you past a FEW guards. :D

Hey! I'd like to see some screen-shots of that! Mwahahahaha!


Although I am not sure what you mean, I was just posting about something funny. I usually like my guards out cold in Thief - Deadly Shadows because I do not want one of them blocking my exit route. Also, as you seem to have noticed, I do not blackjack all of them. But the moments I described in my post are mainly funny one offs. I like to remain unseen and unheard mostly, buy when I get noticed (it happened sometimes) I try to evade the guard before I go for a reload of the savegame. So I fail to see what is wrong with the way I play Thief...

12th Jun 2004, 20:41
He meant BLACKJACK you sicko. Or.. did he... hmm talk about a guard distraction.