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Halloween Jack
12th Jun 2004, 05:43
what a shame...

only just got the game, and just finised the training mission. it looks great. i loved the previous games, but i had no worries about changes, this seems great so far.

but, or should i say, BUT...

the movement in 1st person is dreadful, it's so awkward. like it's been tacked onto 3rd person. like gothic 2. i had to stop playing that game as it bugged me so much. thief3 looked like it would be such a great game for me, but what to do? should i get used to the bad lolloping movement and harsh mouse look-about-thing or play it in 3rd? i'm tempted by 3rd at the mo' as it seems that's how it was programmed. but i don't like 3rd, to 'game-like' and not immersive enough.

anyone have any suggestions? any mods to improve movement? it wou;d make the world of difference to me.


also i'm using cat 4.4 and getting the flashing shadows. is there anything else i can do?

12th Jun 2004, 06:11
Ionstorm won't admit it, but they definitely based Garret's movement in this game off MechWarrrior2 controls. If you stop thinking of it as 'controlling' or 'moving' Garret, and rather think of it as 'steering' a Garret-shaped robot or RC racer, the controls make more sense.

12th Jun 2004, 06:21
If you look in the tweaks threads, there's a method to get rid of head bob. For me, this made 1st person much much better.

There's also a way to get rid of the ridiculous mouse lag. Big improvement from that, too.

12th Jun 2004, 06:49
The tweaks get rid of the head bob while moving, but not the annoying jerk the camera makes when you stop (from the 3rd person garret model moving his head back and the goddamned lazy programmers just parenting the 1st person camera to the garret model's head).

There seems to be a threshold for how much you move the mouse before garret's body starts turning along with his head in 1st person - if anyone can find how to tweak the .ini to reduce the threshold to 0, I would be extremely greatful.