View Full Version : Help, anyone? *spoilers*

12th Jun 2004, 01:22
Deals with issues near the end of the game.

I got the artifacts, and viewed the neat-o cutscenes. Now to HANDLE the buggers.

Figured out where to put the Heart, no problem. Its where to put the Paw on the "first landing" in the Docks. I can't see squat around Sticky G as to where it'd go, and I can't find anything near the sapling OR the pagan area.

So where the HECK does the paw go in the docks? Am I looking in the wrong areas?

12th Jun 2004, 02:15
on the pier or piling ( or whatever you want to call it) in front of the boat (abysmal gale)

12th Jun 2004, 03:57
Thanks. Took me long enough to find something so obviously out in the open. :)

12th Jun 2004, 08:30
As Garrett says in the first game... or maybe it was Metal Age?

"Sometimes the best place to hide a letter is on the mantelpiece."