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11th Jun 2004, 22:55
How old is the hag?

I think she is at least 150 years old how old do you think she is?

EDIT: If you come back to read your post, read this:

11th Jun 2004, 23:10
Way older then 150. Can't remember when, but there's a point where she says she's been alive for decades, centuries.

12th Jun 2004, 00:42
well shes atleaster older the about 60 or 70 considering inspector drept is probably 40. So its safe to assume shes 60 or over at the very very least at the most who knows.

12th Jun 2004, 07:04
There are also a bunch of old wives tales about The Old Gray Lady and The Hag. You know she is really old if she comes up in those.

And like the other guy said, in her journal she stated that it's been centuries, plural, since that one guy found out about the aging glyph. So that right there tells you she has to be AT LEAST 200 years old. And I'm guessing she is a lot older than even 200.

12th Jun 2004, 08:14
i think she's far older than even 200 years. It takes a pretty long time to erase the memories, telltales, journals and other records of old Keepers.
Considering that they are not many at all, everyone is remembered...

12th Jun 2004, 08:28
I'd say old enough that any record of her before she became the Hag has long since been destroyed, and ANY Keeper who might remember her is long dead. So, 200 at the very least, probably closer to 500.