View Full Version : a good laugh

11th Jun 2004, 19:28
Once you get far enough in the game that it seems like everyone is fighting...buy as many oil flasks as you can..then find some high ground above a nice open area. Once the fighting begins..just start chuckinig oil flasks everywhere..they all start slipping and sliding everywhere while fighting...I was crying laughing from it. Oh yeah, oil flasks are fun on stairs too. :)

11th Jun 2004, 21:18
That does sound funny.One time I threw an oil flask and a guard slipped on it and hit the wall and was knocked unconscious.

11th Jun 2004, 23:39
Oh it is...I have another story about that: It was the mission to steal the chalice from the Hammers... I was in the room where the chalice was suspended in the cage. I had both of the things in place to get the chalice, but I figured lowering the cage would make some racket, so I looked for a good place to hide first...I chose trying to get on the ledge that's halfway up the curving staircase in that room...anyways, I got stuck in between the stairs and wall and couldn't get out.

So I decided to have fun by shooting noisemakers into that room and throwing flasks down. I mistakenly threw one down on the stairs. That priest that is walking around near the chalice came running down the stairs, hit the oil, slid all the way down the stairs, hit the hand rail, and went flying over and hitting the ground. Needless to say he didn't get up. At this point, I hadn't really experimented with all the gear yet, so I thought that was pretty cool.

11th Jun 2004, 23:41
Lol, I may have to play the game and actually use those things. I beat it on hard using nothing but arrows.

11th Jun 2004, 23:43
well..I've only actually used one flask for anything pertaining to completing objectives..I used it on the enforcer that was in garrett's apartment..let him slip then set the puddle on fire w/ fire arrow. This wasn't necessary, but I figured I'd try it out.