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11th Jun 2004, 17:26
It looks like over half of you that replied to my first thread have an IQ somewhere below room temperature, but thank goodness there are several that knew exactly what I was talking about. First let me answer a few of the insults that were thrown at me. There is a whole bunch of you people that don't read very well, I never said that you “can't play the game” anyway you what, if you want to be a mass murder you go right ahead. And yes I do you have a right to my personal opinion and anyone that says otherwise, is either a Republican or just stupid.

Now it seems that a bunch of people here are insulted by me saying your mass murders, because you kill everybody in the game, well you are! Master murders. Go read the dictionary.

The developers of this game spent a lot of time and money to develop a game that is supposed to immerse you in the world of the thief, that's why they use such extensive shadowing and the whole game is played in the dark, it is done so we can “sneak” around to do your stealing, if the game developers wanted you to play this game as mass murders then they could have left the lights on and given you all submachine guns. The developers did put way too many weapons in this game I have played the thief games and they should not have put this many weapons in the game. But something you people don't understand is that just because they're there doesn't mean your forced to use them.

And one thing I can see from your collective comments is that I am a better thief then most of you in fact I am a "Master Thief", because I can go on a mission and steal everything I need to steal and then leave before anyone knows they've been robbed. I don't kill anyone, in fact I went through the captain's mansion without ever being noticed, and can go completely through the town without knocking anyone out, and especially without killing anyone and I am still able to steal their bags of money. I collected all the artifacts for the keepers and only killed one person and that was to get the pagan paw, and it made me mad that the game makers forced me to kill someone to complete the ritual. There is a difference, between mass murderers and thugs, and being a real master thief that is never seen, heard or caught. Most of you are obviously taking the easiest way out and just killing everyone, the only thing you prove by doing that is that you have no skills or patients which makes me wonder why you would buy this kind of game in the first place.

Now I'm sure several of you will come back and start calling me names again, you go right ahead, because it shows how low your IQ is and everyone else gets a laugh at your expense. But no matter what names you use your not going to increase your skill level or ever be a master thief, you're never going to be anything more than a mass murder and at your best you're still going to be no more than a mugger and a thug.

11th Jun 2004, 17:58
ur waisting your breath, go make ur own theif game if this doesnt satisfy you

theres always one person in every game forum i come across that wants to tell people he's the greatest because he plays properly and that everyone else sucks because they dont play the same way he does.

Boohoo, go cry to mommy.....

its even more funny that u insult everyone elses intelligence with ur temperature joke and then state that we'll probably come back and throw more flames at you

its even better because you make a hit at republicans/bush at the same time!!!

i hope this thread gets deleted, just so this guy's attention seeking method doesnt pull through

god, what a world we live in...

11th Jun 2004, 18:02
why post this, really? I dont see the point of this thread. great you play one way and dont think anyone else plays the right way. great you're mental. keep it to yourself next time.

11th Jun 2004, 18:10
sniff, sniff ... only two posts ... sniff ... both of them inflammatory and baiting ... sniff, sniff, snifffffffff ........ ahh, sweet troll (http://info.astrian.net/jargon/terms/t/troll.html)-ish goodness!

Hopefully this post will be closed like the last one was...

11th Jun 2004, 18:13
While I do think that the entire Thief series is better enjoyed when playing the sneaky, secretive way, without killing anyone, I DO HAVE TO DISAGREE WITH YOU .

There is a little gaming concept which I feel that Thief - The Dark Project was a pioneer of in the modern era of gaming. It's called free-form gaming. Games like the Thief series, The Elder Scrolls series, the Gothic series, the GTA series and many others have different levels of free-form gaming imlpemented. What does it mean? Simply that there are many ways to solve a puuzle/mission/quest/objective in the game. So while you may PREFER to play Thief - Deadly Shadows in the stealthy manner you described there are others that choose to go around killing people. The producers GAVE THE PLAYERS THIS OPTION WILLINGLY, IT IS NOT A PROGRAMMING BUG . This IS true. If you want proof, go watch the official trailer and you will see that very little sneaking is done in that trailer. Actually the trailer keeps showing off the many ways one can get rid of the guards/enemies in Thief - Deadly Shadows., stealth and killing included.
Another example of free-from gaming is Far Cry. The game is a 3d shooter, meaning that it is impossible to finish the game without killing an enemy, but certain levels of the game give you the option of killing or sneaking.

Oh, by the way, did you ever read some pshychology? I am saying this because you seem to be missing a point here. Killing people in games is a good thing sometimes. EVERY AND ANY HUMAN BEING HAS THE URGE TO KILL, HAVE YOU NEVER KILLED A FLY? THE DEGREE OF THE URGE VARIES FROM PERSON TO PERSON. I FOR ONE AM HAPPY THAT PEOPLE CAN DO THIS IN A VIRTUAL SETTING WITHOUT HARMING REAL PEOPLE OR ANIMALS. I FOR ONE AM GRATEFUL FOR THE EXISTENCE OF GAMES SUCH AS POSTAL 2, BECAUSE THEY LET PEOPLE EXPLORE THEIR DARKER SIDE. IF ONE PERSON TAKES A LIKING TO KILLING PEOPLE MORE THAN THEY SHOULD, AND GO OFF KILLING OR HARMING ANIMALS OR PEOPLE, IT IS THE PARENT'S FAULT FOR LETTING THAT PERSON PLAY SUCH GAMES AND NOT KEEPING AN EYE ON HIM/HER. People should simply STOP blaming games for the atrocities that these people put into practice. I myself enjoy killing MILLIONS of virtual people and HAVE NEVER PHISICALLY HARMED A REAL PERSON OR ANIMAL, but I have killed my share of insects and pests as I am SURE you also HAVE. And by the way, have you never had a hard day at school or at the office? Did you ever not wish you could just "kill" your boss? Well, games give you the chance to take a load off. Same thing for drivers. I prefer having them speeding and running over pedestrians in a game, rather than on the street. The people that apply these things in real life are NOT SANE/NORMAL/HEALTHY, call it how you want.
Postal 2 is a very violent game, to much so if you ask me. The game is meant to be played in a violent manner, do you then consider killing people in that game a "GOOD" thing????? I for one do not like some of the violence that game has in it. Too real and forced, pushed to the limit. But if you like it, fine with me.

The line '' I AM a master thief" made me sick to my stomach. You are indeed a pompous prick. And calling ALL those people low IQ-ed is the definitive proof. Checked your spelling lately? It IS horrible. If you play the game in a stealthy manner because the producers wanted you to, instead because YOU wanted to, you are somewhat lacking will my friend. Get off your "high and mighty" chair. There are many people on this forum capable of playing Thief in a much more stealthy manner, you most surely are not the best Thief player here. NOR AM I.

I am the kind of person who says to each his own, why are not you???

11th Jun 2004, 18:17
Ok, It seems the other thread was closed, I'll keep an eye on this one. I still don't see much reason for it.

11th Jun 2004, 18:17
My God, you're right. YOU are the Master... your ***** must be HUGE!

Happy? Is that the recognition you want, Mister Master with an IQ of 160x10^3 who plays everything perfectly and is also God-like in his video game skills and must also have a harem of ridiculously attractive females and who also drives a lamborghini that is the best lamborghini in the world and can even fly?

11th Jun 2004, 18:27
I feel the same way as LeMartin. I don't kill anyone in thief, but just because you mug someone, that doesn't mean that you aren't a thief. All a thief really is is someone who takes items without permission and keeps them.

Just because you knock someone out with a club or kill them, that doesn't mean that you aren't a thief, much less does it mean that you have a low IQ. A low IQ can be determined by looking at a post like yours.

If that is your opinion, then go ahead and say it. It isn't going to make a difference, it will just get more people pissed at you.