View Full Version : What about a tile-based editor?

11th Jun 2004, 17:05
just a thought, warcraft III did a good job of 3d environments with a tile based editor, with terrain deformations and everything. far cry also has a good example of a really simple editor- 'paint' the land on a height map, then cruise around and add the details (plants, trees, bunkers, etc).

the climbing problem could be solved by a tile that designates 'multiple levels', either above or below the norm, and could be switched to with a palatte option (up level, down level, center level, etc). this could work- an option for 'level size' could help smooth things over, and of course 'automatically physical' objects would be a must (ie no editing properties to get them to be interractive- you put a barrel mesh in the level, it automatically becomes a barrel, no questions asked).

just a thought....

23rd Jul 2004, 13:04
Why does this post keep coming back every few weeks? :confused:

23rd Jul 2004, 20:18
Maybe becuase people are voting.

(But there are only 4 votes).

I'm not sure how this thread is relevant to Dromed though....

1st Aug 2004, 00:07
A tile based editor will not work with the thief engine.

And anyway sticking a barrel in a thief level, and it is a barrel anyway, it ain't anything else, no twiddling needed.

The thief world starts of as a solid and you take solids away to make air, then you add solids to make solids, etc.

tile based editor works with engines like quake and half-life, but thief doesn't work like those two, and half-life 2 uses static brushes to make its levels.