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11th Jun 2004, 16:23
Hi, all.

Firstly, I'am sorry for my english, I'am Ukrainian and don't know it well.

I would ask for help with Startopia. It has no sound during the game. Sound files (*.TFA, *.TFB) are placed in right locations (as in startopia.ini, and .txt files, placed in \data\sfx\). When game starts, there is a sound in intros, but when it loads and opens main menu - there is no sound. On the game main screen no sound/music too :( Hardware acceleration is off (as in the FAQ), drivers for audio are latest.
Please, help me to understand where is a problem? And how to solve it?

Some info about my system:
CPU: Athlon 850MHz
MB: Soltek SL-75KAV (via chipset. 4in1 driver pack installed)
Sound: Crystal SoundFusion CS4281
OS: Windows 2000Pro sp4

Installed Startopia patch 1.01

--------------------------- your soundcard.txt ---------------------------------
This is what I can find out about your sound card:

Your drivers are certified
Your card supports arbitrary bitrates
Your card does support 16 bit primary buffer
Your card does support 8 bit primary buffer
Your card does support a mono primary buffer
Your card does support a stereo primary buffer
Your card does support 16 bit secondary buffers
Your card does support 8 bit secondary buffers
Your card does support mono secondary buffers
Your card does support stereo secondary buffers
Your card does support 16 bit secondary buffer

Sample rates between 6400 and 48000
Total number of hardware buffers: 1
Total number of hardware 3D Buffers: 0
CPU overhead for mixing channels: 0
Hardware memory available: 0 currently free: 0
----------------------- end of your soundcard.txt ------------------------------

P.S. What is the format of sound files - *.TFA ? Maybe windows needs a specific audio codec to play this sound format?

12th Jun 2004, 10:56
TFA files are specially formatted WAV files I believe, something like that anyways. They needed "extra properties" for them or something. Either way not a codec problem.

You've tried the patch read the FAQs etc, which is a good start. Unfortunatly I can't help beyond that . . .

If you're lucky someone who's had a similar problem or one of the ex-muckyfoot'ers will appear and dispense knowledge . . .

Erm, my only suggestions:
Tried reinstalling? Might help?
Does it work without the patch?
What about 1.01b instead?

Hope that helps . . .

12th Jun 2004, 13:18
Game work without the patch, but there is no sound too. Reinstall didn't help (tryed 4 times). 1.01b installed - no effect :(

Thnx for your suggestion.

Now I have an idea to try this game on another computer, but now there is no one near.

Hope, somebody from the ex-muckyfoot'ers will appear here :confused:

12th Jun 2004, 17:09
One last thing I can think of is if your motherboard have an onboard soundcard and if so is it disabled? If it's active it could cause a problem. (I mean disabled at bios of course)

Other than that, I'm stumped!

13th Jun 2004, 16:24
Yes, it has. But onboard sound is fully disabled (2 options in BIOS).

14th Jun 2004, 11:28
Thinking . . . . . . .

Erm . . . . . .

Got latest DirectX? (Unlike to be a problem, but I'm running of of ideas)

Erm . . . . . .

Does everything ELSE have correctly working sound? Is it a Startopia only thing? (I assume so otherwise you wouldn't be here)

And one "obvious" one:
The volume sliders in the game haven't ended up being put down to zero have they? Might be worth checking just in case.

Other than that I can't think of anything useful, sorry.

Anyone else?

14th Jun 2004, 12:10
DirectX 9.0b
All other applications are working normal. Just Startopia. And of course, volume sliders in right positions :)

Thnx for trying to help. Soon, I will check how it works on another computer. Maybe I have a damaged files on CD (or damaged CD, but there is no visual damage on it).