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11th Jun 2004, 15:44
I'm lost on the Pagan cornerstone quest here. I've released an arrow into a marked cornerstone near the Pagan hideout in the Docks area and when I do, I look to see if the faction status has changed. But, it has not. When I kill a rust mite for the Hammerites the status changes immediately. What am I doing wrong with the cornerstones? Also, Garrett has just had a nasty run in with one of the Keeper Assassins. :D :D How do I get rid of these guys? Can they be blackjacked? I know fire arrows can get rid of them. But, I don't want to create a lot of chaos in the process. What's your way of dealing with the assassins? Please let me know! Thanks! :) :)

11th Jun 2004, 16:10
The thing that you shot your arrow into was not a cornerstone, just a marker that indicates you are going into pagan teritory. However I still haven't found out where the cornerstones are myself.

11th Jun 2004, 16:44
Do a search, I remember someone posted a pic of the cornerstones to look for, it's not just any cornerstone and it's not that green glowing mark across from the letter.

As for the assasins, in a short while you will see that they are going to create havok weather you want it or not.


11th Jun 2004, 17:07
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