View Full Version : Another BUG :)

11th Jun 2004, 12:33
I dunno if anyone else has noticed this but if you stay crouched those fish creatures (Kurshak or something) can't hit you with their swords...same kind of bug was in T1 or 2 but I thought they would fix things like that :)

And there is still this annoying? thing that when you are crouched and a wall is just behind you or in a corner the guard looking for you won't notice you even if he clearly touches you when passing by. (note that you have to be in dark shadow of course).

11th Jun 2004, 13:05
lol i never knew that one. the same thing happens to me when I crouch near the zombies in the Abysmal Gale.

11th Jun 2004, 13:30
Actually the stone gollems have the same problem when crunching funny enough but for now avoid using such a cheap trick:D

11th Jun 2004, 14:07
Old news.

11th Jun 2004, 14:12
Those Kurshak creatures remind me of "The Creature From The Black Lagoon" Go watch this old movie. :)

11th Jun 2004, 14:16
Pressing agaiinst a wall seems to be a real problem. As long as you're in some shadow, if you press against one you're pretty much invisible, even if, like you said, a guard walks into you.

Reminds me of 'Casing the Joint' in Thief 2. First time playing, I was crouched in some shadow, and a guard was looking for me. Walked right into me and kept tying to walk through me, never stopping to wonder what was stoppng him.