View Full Version : Wow, pleasant surprise

11th Jun 2004, 07:54
What can I say, despite the lack of certain things (rope arrows, weapons affecting visiblity, creeping = silent no matter the surface, couple others) I have to say I'm actually really satisfied with the game. Only a couple levels in, but it feels like thief, plays like thief, even with 3rd person camera this is a really really great game and a great addition to the theif series. I honestly was expecting crap after deus ex 2. But maybe ion wised up or just got lucky, don't really care too much but the game came out great. So compliments to Ion for doing a good job.

Now just hire a freaking qa staff and quit using the public as a beta and you'll be perfect.

11th Jun 2004, 12:47
And God bless us every one!


But seriously, glad to hear you're enjoying the game. It seems after the intial wave of 'WTF' or 'My game won't load' threads in the first week, people have finally been getting into it and have really taken a liking to the game. Hopefully, with all this support, we'll finally get an SDK.