View Full Version : The worst and the best mission : Shalebridge Cradle

11th Jun 2004, 05:41
I have to say this : the mission in Shalebridge Cradle is my favorite mission in the whole game but it's also the only mission that I will not replay anymore.

The atmosphere of the mission is extremely good, it very scary and really bring you into game. (espeacially when you switch off all the light in your room just like me)

The mission made me a bit faint in fact you're require to running and searching a whole area with 2 unclear map...

THe enemy in the mission also cool, the shadow guard looks like some image in your dream and it's scary when you turn back and see they suddenly appear at your back and after you.

11th Jun 2004, 10:43

Some special things for the ones who loved The Cradle...

11th Jun 2004, 17:23
Hello. Would it be possable to get some help??, I realy need help!!!!!!..I'm in the cradle, need information about the hag who attacked me/you.....I did all I need to do but can't leave this place without the help..Could you send me the info.....I have been walking for two days hours,...thanks in advance....Chuck.

11th Jun 2004, 17:29
This mission was my favourite thing from all that the game world offers me.......
To be in ur worst nightmare-in this way i can describe what i felt while playing this mision....:)

Kanelle Bella
11th Jun 2004, 18:16
It would have been ALOT creeper if there were more mobs. I just went around and killed the few that were about. The one spot I was alittle spooked was going up into the isolation cell with the hanging dummy. It was the ghostly laugh that did it. Though sneaking around the staff was fun.

I still say the church from the first game was spookier. Those Hammer haunts were awesome.

11th Jun 2004, 19:46
Highlander, it's been answered many times in other threads (you can probably find it with the search button in the upper right), but here you go:

It's on the podium in the Nursery Tower, in the past.

I missed it my first time through. It's easy to miss. :)

11th Jun 2004, 23:13
I must be getting old, I loved the mission and thought it was creepy but I'm in no way scarred of it after the fact. It's just a mission in a game to me. :)

If anything scares me it is the thought of doing the Pagan Sanctuary ever again. That's like looking for change in your sister's room.

12th Jun 2004, 00:05
The mission return to the Cathedral from thief 1 is very scary but once u become a thief-expert it's not so scary anymore.I can finish this mission for 2 minutes if the game is not patched and for 10 min if it is.But in the cradle even if u have much experience the mission is pretty long and u have to stay in contact with it and feel the evil atmosphere.:)