View Full Version : The silliest thing i did with thief 3 today

11th Jun 2004, 04:40
I was playing the clocktower level and I came aross a guard next to this box.

I waited until he came with in 5 feet of me and I SHOT AN ARROW IN HIS FACE.

Then I opened the box...took the loot and


Since the lid was trying to close his leg kept moving and jiggling..

****ing silly.

11th Jun 2004, 13:11
You seen this? :cool:


11th Jun 2004, 14:19
Yeah, the chests in Deadly Shadows are HUGE, even if there's only a cup inside them. Makes me yearn for the good old days of those tiny wooden boxes everyone in the city had.

Anyways, that gives me an idea of what to do next time I'm in the Clocktower. I'll take a guard's KO'd body, and toss it at the moving pendulem. See the results :)

11th Jun 2004, 17:20
Originally posted by TheBoss
You seen this? :cool:


That's hillarious. I thought I was being funny when I dropped a few guards into an empty fountain. I did do one thing, quite by accident, that had me laughing so hard I had to pause the game.

After blackjacking an enemy I went loking for a nice dark place to dispose of the evidence of my wickedness and threw him in a corner where a rat was walking around (not seeing the rat initially). His body landed face up with his legs spread wide apart. As I'm thinking how suggestive this pose was the rat AI decides to walk right between his legs and dissapears up his gown, stays there for a second, then walks back out.

I suppose people don't bath much in the city..............

Its little things like these plus guard conversations, etc. that make Thief such a treasure.

11th Jun 2004, 17:38
whats even funnier about this picture is that a 4 yr old was given the PC after all the guards were knocked out by her father.