View Full Version : *Spoiler* Hammer Side Mission

11th Jun 2004, 00:22
Can someone give me a hint as for what to do about the regenerating zombies in the Fort Ironwood graveyard? I've been looking around there for hours in the catacombs and in the graveyard but I can't find anything.

11th Jun 2004, 00:27
The zombies are being regenerated by Pagan magic. I never found a way to stop it myself, but I found a referrence to it in a Pagan's journal. You can find itnear the entrance to the Docks in Old Quarter, there's usually 1 or 2 Pagans enar the entrance to a little sewer area with some loot and the book.

11th Jun 2004, 00:39
In the Old Quarter, theres a stairway near the fence shops that leads down to a pagan shaman with a "magician's wand". Kill him and/or pickpocket the wand to complete the task.

11th Jun 2004, 00:40
i accidentally sumble on the solution...

When entering old quarters, i think from the docks, there is a small ram with stairs going down on the side of a building. there is a pagan necromancer in the small room where the stairs leads. he has a necromancer's want. and there is also a note telling about how he likes bugging hamerites with his undead resurection wand... :) There is also a sewer gate juste under some boxes that lead right in the room. (no passing in lights to get in stairs) you can simply steal his wand. and every ones will be happy

unfortunatley, i didn't not get to see the result of this. probably cause i found out too late in the game. but its the solution.