View Full Version : where am i

10th Jun 2004, 23:03
:( ...i posted a question about what a taffer is this mornin and now i cant find my post.......i scrolled up to page 20 but no luck......
whats the best way 2 find an answer/posts w/o havin 2 scroll down page after page over and over....pls hep me

10th Jun 2004, 23:14

I usually do it by just clicking profile on a post and checking all posted messages. There may be an easier way. I'm new to this forum as well. :)

10th Jun 2004, 23:25
Well, there is the option that the bottom to "Subscribe to this Thread" This will show the thread in the User Control Panel, where your Private Messages end up.http://forums.eidosgames.com/images/top_profile.gif This is the button at the top of the forum that will take you to the place where your subscribed topics can be viewed.