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10th Jun 2004, 20:12
I heard that you can set you own difficulty settings to make it so you can't be detected or you fail or that you have to get a certain amount of the loot. I know in the demo there are 4 settings but is there a custom setting in the game.

Another question relates to the uk release. I've read from a few sites that it's only available on dvd and not cd rom. Is this true? If it is then i'll get the Xbox version. Aslong as it has the above difficulty setting aswell.


10th Jun 2004, 21:04
Nope, no CUSTOM difficulty setting on either version (PC or XBOX). If you've played the demo, then you've seen the basics of the game, the structure, the way it works, the tchnical side. Basically the demo was the first 2 levels of the game, nothing changed. So, if you liked the demo, or better yet, loved it, then BUY the game.

About the DVD thing, well I am not sure, but I would not think that Eidos and Ion Storm would risk loosing a huge amount of money by not releasing it on cd. You kay have misunderstood what you have heard, cose the only thing that connects to what you said is MAYBE the fact that I think the game only ships in a dvd-type case...

And if IT IS released on cd-rom, which I am sure it will be (or is), AND IF you've got a good PC (check the min requirements) get it on PC...plays much better from what I've heard than on Xbox...

But if you've got a tired system which is really below specs, really, really below specs, get it for Xbox

Just my 2 pence...

10th Jun 2004, 21:21
Well my machine is below the specs for now but won't be in a few weeks hopefully. So this will mean i'll be getting the pc version. It'll also mean patches and hopefully player made maps.

As for it only been on DVD if you look at the web sites for the differant countries you'll see that on the US site it list PC CDROM and on the UK one it only lists DVDROM. If you do a search for dvd uk version on the forum you get various posts about it.

From what people have been saying it is defianetly only on dvd in teh UK. Then again they're pretty cheap so i'll get one anyway. Then i have anyway.


10th Jun 2004, 21:58
its on cdrom, its not DVD just comes in a DVD shaped case. it's 3 cd roms btw.

10th Jun 2004, 23:10
Thanks for that.

I can soon check when i go to buy the game if i'm still unsure.


10th Jun 2004, 23:27
You can set the difficulty by editing the ini files. At the moment modifyed AI settings gets reset along with the default settings, but after the patch this won't be the case. There are also some fan made AI fixes which allow custom AI settings.

11th Jun 2004, 03:56
The UK version of Invisible War was DVD ROM so there's no reason to think Thief won't be as well.

11th Jun 2004, 04:46
You can buy a cheap dvd drive for as little as $25. Might as well get one, soon enough all games will come on dvd.

11th Jun 2004, 09:34
I would also like to know one thing before rushing in to the stores looking for Thief3...

Does it get a lot heavier for the hardware later on?
If the most demanding place in demo for my PC was the armory where guard was walking back and forth holding the torch, will there be parts that are totally unplayable in the full version?

Shorter: Am I forced to go through video card shop too and return home with a lot thinner wallet, damnit? :D

11th Jun 2004, 21:24
I'm goin gto go to the shops tomorrow and see if the game is dvd or cd rom and then i'll know for sure.

I've got a friend to spec out upgrades for me aswell so i'll wait to buy th egame until i get the upgrades sorted out and hopefully the patch will be out then to solve the difficulty level problem.