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10th Jun 2004, 18:05
I've read a few not-so-complimentary reviews of Thief 3 - but from what I've seen from the demo - I have to disagree.

Thief 3 may be different from it predecessors - but it has certainly changed for the better.

Thief (I played 1 and 2) was - and still is - all about atmosphere - and T3 has it in heaps. The improved graphics (I've been playing the deom) only compliment the already excellent sound - and its still essentially the same great game that it always was.

Ignore the moans about the 3rd person view; it's optional (just use the V button to toggle between views). Ignore the moans about loading times - it detracts nothing from the game.

Instead, rejoice at the awesome grahpics that compliment the great sound-scapes - the fantastic lighting and shadows just ooze atmosphere.

Playing Garret has never been so much fun - Stephen Russell who provides the voice of Garret is also the essential link between this and the previous Thief games; it's like meeting an old friend.

Thief 3 is out in the UK tomorrow and I for one will be playing it all weekend. If its stealth you want then it doesn't get better than this.

Blackjack ready!!


10th Jun 2004, 18:10
Don't mix watching the movie and playing the game. The atmosphere, plot -- is there. But the challenge is mostly gone. Yes, there are a few secrets easy to overlook, but it's rather an exception than the rule.

10th Jun 2004, 18:21
does this forum have a spellchecker?

10th Jun 2004, 21:48
were people complaining about this on thief 3 alone? as i remember the loading times on pc thief 1 and 2 were horrible. so i dont see any difference there lol. your right though it does nothing negative though.