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10th Jun 2004, 17:30
Anybody having any luck stacking items to climb to otherwise unreachable areas?

Short answer -- "Uh-uh" :)

I'm playing though again and don't have the climbing gloves yet but I wanted one of the gas arrows in Stonemarket. I gathered up every barrel and dumped them in a big pile and if I could get just one more on top of the stack I could get the arrow. Course you have to stand 15' back and chuck the barrel way up in the air. Then the whole pile comes down :(

Two funny things have happened. Once I got trapped inside the wall (that's happened before) BUT once I got an effect like NPC jumping in the dark engine. I was on the pile and jumping and twisting trying to drop that last barrel when all of a sudden I was rocketed up and could see the whole map below me. I wish to God I had taken a screen shot! Then I wouldn't say nothing about how I did it, I'd just post the shot and say, "I got up HERE you taffers! You try!" Of course I died a miserable death when I hit the ground but that didn't stop me from spending the next hour trying to do it again.

10th Jun 2004, 17:33
I know you don't have the best control but try stacking them like stairs.

Put down a box, then put one NEXT to it, then climb on top and put a box on top of the first one, and so forth. Then you can stack them and don't have to throw them.

Hey, it MIGHT work,

10th Jun 2004, 17:37
I also piled up items I think in stonemarket and old quarter. Although I have never been shot up into the air, stacking items did work as for getting to previously unreacable areas. The wheelbarrow in Auldale is also a good way (when it is flipped onto it's back) to get a little height.