View Full Version : what is recommend sound card for thief 3 deadly shadows?

10th Jun 2004, 17:12
i have decided to upgrade my comp so i can play thief 3 deadly shadows,i figured out what grapics card i will get=ati 9800xt RADEON,now i have to figure out what sound card is the best option for thief 3,also i want to upgrade to p4 what is best pick for that?,i have did alot of research and i see people are having problems with thief 3 crashes and lock ups,i just want to avoid this from happening to me,please all advice would be appeatied.

10th Jun 2004, 17:40
I use the Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS card. It works great and also is the only card that supports the EAX Advanced HD for the game. It's expensive for a sound card, but I would recommend it.

10th Jun 2004, 17:45
24 bit sound blaster-Chosen by games.....Loved by gamers:) :D

10th Jun 2004, 17:48
you want to upgrade to a pentium 4? you'll need a new motherboard as well.

this is an awesome P4 board for a good price:


10th Jun 2004, 22:38
I've had fine luck with the Audigy 2 NX (USB one). Inexpensive, doesn't eat up a drive bay, has optical-in (handy for recording PS2/Xbox soundtracks). Normally I'd opt for the PCI version, but I didn't feel like sacrificing a drive bay when I could do the same thing (sans EAX4) with the USB model for less $. The fact that this machine is more of a studio machine (music/sound/video production) doesn't aid the PCI SB argument either ;)


10th Jun 2004, 22:48
Any Audigy (1 or 2) card will be able to take advantage of the EAX HD effects in Thief3.

Just bear in mind that Creatives drivers have a history of being finicky on some systems - in addition to being somewhat bloated.

14th Jun 2004, 05:16
...but the two EAX choices in Options are greyed out. How come? Sound is working fine, but I feel like I should be able to take advantage of these greyed-out choices.

Anyone run into this?

14th Jun 2004, 05:26
Must have to be an Audigy 2, then. I can't say for sure; I just got an Audigy 2 and I can enable them both, couldn't enable any of the three with my old SB Live! Value.

14th Jun 2004, 06:23
Audigy 1 does EAX 3 Audigy 2 does EAX 4. Live doesn't do anything. :(

14th Jun 2004, 08:22
I have Audigy 1 and i can enable all the options.

14th Jun 2004, 08:24
I got an Audigy 2 and that can enable all options however I know all Audigy 1 models except 1 (ZS I think) supports EAX 4 when you update to the lastest drivers.