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Luminous Blane
10th Jun 2004, 15:48
I saw the box in big lots last night and fell in love. I got the game by scrounging every penny nickle and dime I could. sadly, windows nt workstation doesn't support direct x in any way shape or form. I did do alot of reading about it though. does the guy who sell's stuff...his name starts with an ar....does he show up in sandbox mode? because I'm more for just playing around rather than mission type stuff.

12th Jun 2004, 21:52
Arona Dahl, yes he appears in Sandbox mode, and I would heartily recommend the missions, they may not have much of a plot(damn you Eidos for forcing MF(R.I.P.) to rush the game, and then not even advertising it) but they really quite fun and funny, plus the ending is completely worth it.