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10th Jun 2004, 00:04
I'll reply to oysterboy here, rather than bump the thread:

Ahh That clears EVERYTHING up! Thanks.


I thought The Hag was the old woman that Caduca interpreted the writings from.
But if The Hag was Gamaal the entire time, and Gamaal was physically identicle to Caduca... How does that work??
Because when you free Caduca, Gamaal was just about to be promoted. Gamaal lost her form because you freed Caduca's grave.
So Caduca and Gamaal were identical?

Was Caduca ever Caduca or was she The Hag while she was a Keeper?
If Caduca was The Hag the entire time, then she faked her own death as Caduca and took Gamaal's body? So Gamaal's physical form was the orphan's (Caduca's) trapped grave? This is assuming Caduca was The Hag the entire time, and the orphan girl has been dead since The Hag kidnapped her.

So Caduca never aged. Since she looks the same age in the portrait of her in The Cradle which dates back at least 30 years (Drept is still alive, and probably in his 40's).
Since Caduca must have trained for years, I would think the Keepers would notice that she never got any older.

And if The Hag was never the old woman, then where did the old woman go?
Her character vanished right as Caduca died.

Confused? It seems simple, yet complicated to me.

10th Jun 2004, 03:04
The Hag wasn't the old woman, the hag was the creepy little girl, always, and during ALL thief games. The hag was using the little girl's dead body as a disguise, and the 'old woman' version of the hag who made the statues come alive was when she would take off the creepy little girl disguise (ie turn back into the monster-hag), and put on a hooded robe.

Also, Caduca wasn't the little girl - Caduca was the elderly interpreter who was reading in glyph-speak throughout the Thief games, and she was murdered near the middle of the game by the hag/little girl.

Hope this clears things up.

van_HellSing PL
10th Jun 2004, 08:14
There's one more thing to it: Caduca wasn't really old (in terms of years). It's the effect of the contact with the books of prophecy - reading them accelerates the interpreter's aging.