View Full Version : Definitive Temporary Solution For The "bug"!

9th Jun 2004, 21:32
READ THIS ! http://www.team5150.com/~andrew/project.thiefbot/

11th Jun 2004, 11:31
Thanks Matexx!

This is really a great solution and even better than the upcoming patch I think because it's very configurable and you can crank up the numbers insanely high to make the game REALLY difficult!

I tested the audio and visual values and they work exactly like the way I want them to (didn't test the combat values yet)

Everyone should know this!

Don't know if there are any pitfalls (is that correrct English?) but we'll see...



11th Jun 2004, 12:07
This is awesome! Love it!
I've held off playing, because the idea of not using any saves on expert was just a bit duanting. Finally I can get back at it. Thank you!

12th Jun 2004, 05:16
Should be sticky!

12th Jun 2004, 06:39
I now present you with the Golden Rope Arrow award for being a valuable asset to the community! Congratulations and thank you :D

12th Jun 2004, 13:49
Originally posted by mardi
I now present you with the Golden Rope Arrow award for being a valuable asset to the community! Congratulations and thank you :D

I second that! Even if you do play for 5150. :D

12th Jun 2004, 13:56
Please make this sticky!

12th Jun 2004, 13:59
anyone have an idea of what to set my numbers to? or is it automatic.

EDIT: one more question. can I unzip it to the thief directory or can it just be any directory.

12th Jun 2004, 14:06
Hi Speesh,

The numbers are as they are supposed to be (as opposed to the save-load-bug). The tool shows those numbers.

The cool thing here is:

1. You can make them as high as you want (e.g. visual 3 and audio 3 will make the game really hard to play, very challenging!)

2. The settings are also set for the City (the city-level is always "normal")

12th Jun 2004, 20:45
Thanks everyone, this thing works just great! Now I can actually play through thief with as much (or more) of a challenge as there was in the first two games. :D

12th Jun 2004, 22:38
BEWARE. I think this link gave me a virus. I downloaded and installed the Thief bot yesterday, and almost immediately, kbdtat.exe was asking my firewall to connect to the internet. Thought nothing of it. Except it has asked like 15 times since yesterday. I just ran Mcaffee and sure enough I have the Downloader-JU virus. Not 100% I got it from here, but I haven't downloaded anything else and the problems started literally 5 minutes after I installed it! !!!!!!

13th Jun 2004, 06:44
Hi StereoPhile,

I have no process like kbdtat.exe running in the background when running thiefbot. Neither did my firewall (Sygate) complain about connecting to the Internet.

So I don't think thiefbot is the evil one in your P.C. As far as I can see Thiefbot is a serious attempt to tweak Thief's difficulty

13th Jun 2004, 09:46
Not sure what exactly happened. I just know immediately after installing thief bot, I tried to open the read me and windows couldn't find notepad.exe. So I pointed to it and then 30 seconds later the firewall is going crazy. I could have caught it somewhere else I guess ? Just a weird coincidence.

13th Jun 2004, 15:40
If this doesn't rate a sticky, nothing does. GOOD JOB, Andrew!

13th Jun 2004, 17:28
Good job - really helpful !!

(Note : to Alt-Tab successfully out of T3, your desktop resolution must be different than from T3's)

mystery meat
13th Jun 2004, 20:41
The install instructions say to unzip to an "suitable" directory. Which directory is suitable? The Thief directory?

13th Jun 2004, 21:33
Suitable as in you decide since it doesnt matter where its on your harddrive for the program to run with thief 3.

mystery meat
14th Jun 2004, 01:33
Makes sense. I thank ye. Curiously though it just crashed. I don't know if that is the program or the game as some poeple have been co0mplaining about the game's stability...

14th Jun 2004, 12:56
I'm a big fan of this program. It's easy to use and highly customizable, and I plan to continue using it once the patch comes out. I'll definitely download and install the patch, but I'm playing on slightly higher than Expert difficulty right now (Visual =1.6, Audio=1.5), and the patch won't allow me to do that.

As far as the program, itself, I've experienced no crashes or noticable framerate stutters while using it. I've also tested it by cranking Visual and Audio up to 10 and re-loading a game, and it definitely works (the guards heard me right away, and knew exactly where I was, even though I was hidden in shadow and making very little noise). So, bravo, I say. This is a first-rate fan fix.