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9th Jun 2004, 21:26
i know that many small bugs can pass a strong beta testing: small flesh on the texture, some crash to the desktop etc... but a bug like this (the expert\normal difficulty bug...), how is possible that nobody, in ion storm, have realized that the game is more simple after a load ?

9th Jun 2004, 21:52
as im not the game maker....(of course) but im not sure if this works... i was reading on about this *difficulty bug* thingy... THINK this might work im not sure... if it doesnt oh well doesnt hurt to try.

back up the Default.ini*blah blah blah*

open it up in a standart text editor*notepad*

CTRL-F *((((IF YOU DIDNT CHANGE THIS YET))))* and search for
NORMAL ----should be located near the top of the document* trying typing in EXPERT as opposeed to the normal being in caps.... and try making it a read only file after saving it.... IM NOT SURE IF THIS WORKSS... i dont know how expert mode is im still trying to beat the game....
if this doesnt work... all i can say is wait for a patch or just trying something else that would work. :(

9th Jun 2004, 22:01
In defense of the developers, if it was introduced late in the cycle after they had done most of their testing it could be missed pretty easily. Don't forget that it took hundreds of people playing for at least a week before someone pretty observant pinned it down. Sure, statements were made to the affect of "its too easy", but that it was an actual bug and not just a difference of opinion in design was not obvious. If the developers had already tested the entire game sequencing, then made a small change to the loading mechanism, they might not have had time or ability to replay fully. Or maybe they just changed the loading mechanism and so retested on normal. Speaking as a human (and a programmer) it is pretty easy to overlook a part of a very complex system that you believe is working and has already been through a full test cycle.

I know that in a perfect world they should retest every thing after each change, but due to budget/time and simple human falibility it is never truly possible to find everything.

I work on software every day, and we have a very thorough testing process. But if I code process X and test it fully, there may be times when I then make a change to process Y and do not have the ability to retest processess A-X. Or I do test and believe it to be working but miss something. They were probably testing for the number of guards, general reactions, etc. Not exactly how many feet you had to be before a reaction took place or exactly how much damage was dealt.

Anyway, enough of this. Just felt the need to defend "idiot programmers" and the general "how could they be so stupid as to miss something so obvious" statements.

Let's all take a deep breath, relax, and have fun theiving!


9th Jun 2004, 22:04
Yeah, that would be how it happened. At the very end of testing, someone put in a last minute fix for another bug, which happened to create this one in the process.

9th Jun 2004, 22:17
bah humbug! we should have never accepted the fact the we got away with killing guards every now and then on expert. if they had put things in the mission descriptions like in T1 & T2 "leave no mess, a professional doesn't kill, no humans, no animals" then we would have noticed even earlier. i'm MAD!!! :mad:

9th Jun 2004, 22:48
i believed it is related to setting the city to Normal by default.
when loading a city screen, they must have put the restriction to normal dificulty (which doesn't affect the objectives as you all noticed). and this might have been done late in the developpement.

MAYBE beta testing prooved that if you played a mission on easy difficulty, you would spawn in EASY city afteward. and a mission on Expert would then spawn an Expert city. and since this probably affected gameplay a lot, they thought it was a good idea to fix the city to normal.

But the "dumb" programmer who placed the code placed it in the general loading sequence process instead of placing it in the city loading sequence procedure (or more exactly: its the same damn procedure) so they'll probably have to fix it by placing this normal restriction in an "IF" statement. (if loading a city map process the damn code.)

I just hope they'll use the value of the ini file to set the city. I want to be able to set it on expert as well.