View Full Version : Engine Overriding driver AA settings?

9th Jun 2004, 18:03
I heard somebody mention that the Thief DS engine over rides any outside AA settings, like through the Radeon control panel?

Can anybody confirm this? Multisampling that the engine provides destroys my frame rate (and also the feel ;)) So i thought i'de try to tweak it using the Radeon AA, which may be smoother.

Does the same apply to Anistropic filerting settings?
Any thoughts?


9th Jun 2004, 19:17
been trying to figure this out as it's costing me fps too.

9th Jun 2004, 19:21
There's a setting in the Radeon control panel for how this is handled. It's usually set to 'Application Preference', which means that the application - the game in this case - will over-ride your manual settings for the card. You should be able to change that setting, then set AA from the card settings, i think. Anyone done that?

9th Jun 2004, 19:37
Yes, the default is application preference, and you could change that using the control panel. However the question is whether or not the Thief engine is responsive to these changes or not.

I have heard talk that some game engines can overide this setting and use their preference even though you do try to force it in the driver ctrl panel.

I was curious to hear whether or not theif DS is one of them.

10th Jun 2004, 07:28
does anybody have a yes or no answer on this issue?

10th Jun 2004, 16:37
Yes, I tested this extensively when I first got the game. Short story: Thief does ignore the setting that you configure in the ATI control panel.

Here's the long story:

I set AA to 4x or 6x or whatever in the ATI control panel. Load the game, and load a save point. When my save game loads up, if I don't touch the mouse or the keyboard at all, then my ATI AA settings work fine. As soon as I touch the mouse or the keyboard to move garrett, the AA effect disappears! So I've reverted to just setting it to App Pref in the control panel, and using multi-sampling in the game. The problem with this is that the game's multi-sampling looks significantly worse than the driver's AA effect. Also, in my experience, game AA settings always perform worse than the native driver AA setting. Hopefully a new driver version from ATI will fix this problem and the shadow problem along with it.

This was on Cat 4.4. I haven't tried any other driver version, so I'm not sure if this is driver specific.

10th Jun 2004, 17:39
I think you are correct. I noticed that when i chagned the settings in ATI control panel the game would hang for a second as soon as i moved the mouse. This must have been due to the engine overriding the Driver settings.

However, with the brand new 4.6 drivers things are a little different. It says in the known issues documentation that they have fixed this problem with many games, but its not necessarily stable. That is exactly the case with thief 3. Now changing the settings in the ATI control panel does effect the game, and you are also correct. The driver AA looks far superior the the multi-sampling the game offers. Trouble is, turning these options on even a little completely crushes performance.

However, the upside is the 4.6 has brought huge performance improvements... at least to the Theif engine. This means you can boost the multi-sampling now farther than you could before to get similar quality as invoking the driver AA, with better Framerates.

There are still some issues with flickering shadows in 4.6, but for me at least the performance boost is too significant, i used to have to play on 800x600 with 2x multisampling. Now i can play 1024x with 3x multisampling and get the same FPS. For this, i will accept a few flickering shadows.