View Full Version : Rectangles instead of text? (Repost)

9th Jun 2004, 17:56

I'll let the image speak for itself.

I apologize, btw, for just having the picture and not being able to explain it but, well, it's hard to explain. :P

Some boxes are brighter because I have the 'Quit Game' button highlighted. I do have another picture after that is clicked which is a purple screen with the shape of the little bricky things used for buttons without text.

Game worked fine for awhile and I just got the first Keeper quest when I called it quits for the day. Shut down the computer for the night, boot up in the morning and I'm slapped with this.

I've seen it before but I have NO idea what I did to fix it. Any help at all will be appreciated.

And yes, I've reinstalled a number of times.

Windows XP
ATI Radeon 9600 Pro
Catalyst 4.4 Drivers (First occured when I had 4.5 and changed to try and fix)
AMD AthlonXP2000+

(Reposted in case someone that might know the solution doesn't check the technical forum)