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9th Jun 2004, 16:48
what do you know about this bug? yes, the bug that consist in changing the difficulty game when i save or exit from the game.

i read that the bug is in the default.ini. can anyone find a solution in this file?

sorry for my english

9th Jun 2004, 16:59
It is not in default.ini - quite the reverse.

What happens is that when an area (ie. load zone) that has been played in the current game is loaded again, the difficulty multipliers (as seen in default.ini) are set to 1.0, regardless of the difficulty settings.

Number of NPCs and objectives remain as per the selected difficulty level; what changes is the AI perception and damage. If you were playing on hard or expert, a previously loaded area would become easier to sneak through. If you were playing on easy, it would be harder. If you were on normal, it would be largely unchanged.

You can minimise the effects by putting off reloading the game, and trying to cross to new load zones as late as possible.

Unfortunately, even this method of play isn't a complete fix - in the first level (the one seen in the demo) it is necessary to return to the first zone to creep into the unlocked vault - which you will be doing with all AI difficulty multipliers set to 1.0.

There have been a couple of semi-real fixes, which use cheating utilities or one specially written "trainer" which find the offending values in RAM at run-time and re-set them to the correct values for the current difficulty.

In this respect, the bug's symptoms have been accurately located, and some fans are already providing solutions which fix the problem after it happens. The bug itself has not been located by a member of the public - this is something Ion Storm would find easiest to do.

There has been no official, public word from Eidos on what, if anything, is going to be done about this bug, but there has been a word from an Ion Storm developer that they are aware of people's concerns and we don't need to pester them.

The bug is exhibited in the PC version, the X-Box version and the PC demo version.

I'm hopeful that a patch will be released which contains a fix for this bug. It's likely that we wont hear anything from Eidos until they have decided whether to deal with the bug, and then how to deal with this bug, bearing in mind the difficulty of updating the console version.

That's as fair and accurate a suummary as I can produce. More details, flames and arguments can be found on various threads here, on Ion Storm's board and at www.TTLG.com's board.

9th Jun 2004, 17:08
ok, but it's possible that the solution is simple. can i reset the ai multiplier in default.ini every time i reload a game? 1) save the game 2) exit from the game 3) reset default.ini to the exact ai valor 4) load the game ??? or something like this?

9th Jun 2004, 17:08
uh, no, because you have to reload the game, so it resets it.....

9th Jun 2004, 17:10
Has anyone tried setting the 'default.ini' file to read-only? I suspect that if you do this and the game tries to write to it, it will just crash, but it might be worth trying...

9th Jun 2004, 17:12
please try everything! try to set default.ini to read only, try everythinggg! :)

9th Jun 2004, 17:31
Default.ini isn't being changed! The bug has zilch to do with default.ini. It doesn't matter what you do, that's been tried to death.

It's exactly as I stated. When a level is started, default.ini is read fine. When you load a saved level (or cross to a previously played load zone), default.ini is not read - it isn't defaults that are needed. Trouble is, the values it uses for the AI accuity levels are 1.0 rather than what's relevant for the difficulty level.

Tests have managed to rule out file permissions. Tests have ruled out contents of ini files.

9th Jun 2004, 17:36
Another interesting tidbit I found while messing with this bug: Sometimes one of the AI values (I believe it was the visual perceptiveness value) remains at 1.0 even after choosing to restart the level.

I really wish there was a better way I could go about fixing this bug without the source code :(

9th Jun 2004, 17:39
Cool, thanks for that confirmation, Brianetta, however vigorously delivered! ;)

I think ManicJason's patch (for which huge thanx and kudos, man) is the best option available at the moment.

9th Jun 2004, 17:39
manicjason, thank you very muck for your effort!! warren spector must pay 10000 $ to you for your effort :) !!

9th Jun 2004, 17:46
I have just a question : how is it possible they (Ion Storm) didn't detect this problem when they have had to beta test this game ?

9th Jun 2004, 21:17
i've tried to apply the trainer for t3 (for fix the difficulty on expert), but it won't go. the problem remains. anyone can say something? have you played with this trainer?