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7th Jun 2004, 17:56
What I would like to see:
1. I would like to see the choice of using the old control system or new depending for which level that you are playing in the game.
2. More tomb raiding going on.
3. Some of the old weapons back.
4. The dinosaurs back.
5. Definately want the vehicles back.
6. More difficult bosses to beat.

What I do not want to see:
1. Kurtis (he was too slow)
2. The hand (I like to think for myself)
3. The chocolate bars (more health packs or ammo)
4. The hanging grip bar (too annoying)
5. No bugs (I had hardly any but some people did)

There are many more. Lets hear what you want or don't!


7th Jun 2004, 18:11
What I'd like to see:

1.) Go back to the roots of the original tomb raider
2.) More variety of locations as in TRIII
3.) Bring back classic weapons and new vehicles (perhaps laras motorcycle)
4.) Old tomb raider 1-5 controls back, but more smoothed out
5.) Yes, more hard bosses
6.) Dual pistols please!
7.) Laras mansion (training level)
8.) Judith Gibbins as Lara
9.) Nathan McCree back as the music composer
10.) Definitely more classic enemies (dinosaurs, T-rex)
11.) A big improvement on A.I
12.) Punching/Kicking

What I don't want to see

1.) A playable Kurtis
2.) A unfinished and glitchy game
3.) A more gadget/hi-tech Lara
4.) Maybe a few, but not alot of city, factory, or sewer type levels
5.) Hand icon (it ruined the whole exploring experiance)
6.) hanging/climbing grip bar
7.) Lots of ammo/health (AOD had way too much)
8.) Candy Bars (yeah that was pretty stupid)
9.) A manga lara or a really cartoony lara
10.) Power-ups (Lara should start the game with all her moves/strengths)
11.) Loading during levels (GTA3/vice city and jak and daxter have huge worlds that hardly ever need to load)
12.) Lara climbing/grabbing ledges/etc Automatically

7th Jun 2004, 21:28
I'd like to see it released with it's own map making level editor.... yes that's right, I won't be happy till all TR level editors are mine to have... Bwahhahahaha.

7th Jun 2004, 21:31
Originally posted by dhama
I'd like to see it released with it's own map making level editor.... yes that's right, I won't be happy till all TR level editors are mine to have... Bwahhahahaha.

lol Dhama.

So lets see, you want the original TR source code, an AOD editor (actually that would be pretty cool), and a TR7 editor? Shelfish are we? :D

8th Jun 2004, 00:38
Just to be good and worth ma money !:D :D :D :D

8th Jun 2004, 16:32
My wishlist isn't too long, heh. I just want Kurtis in the next game - alive, playable and improved.

p.s. I'd also keep stealth mode and hand-to-hand combat.

8th Jun 2004, 17:23
Originally posted by snickrep04
lol Dhama.

So lets see, you want the original TR source code, an AOD editor (actually that would be pretty cool), and a TR7 editor? Shelfish are we? :D

Only selfish in the way Core Design/Eidos came up with a creative incentive that i'm addicted to.. :D

sodiE edoc ecrous rotidE leveL RTeht esaeleR

9th Jun 2004, 02:28
One word: Midgets.

9th Jun 2004, 03:14
If I hear "I FEEL stronger now" one more time, I'm gonna scream!
I would also like a "playable" Kurtis

Lara Croft Online
9th Jun 2004, 06:04
I'd simply like to hear some news,anything! would be nice at
this point. The rest will take care of itself I'm sure they have
heard us to the point where they know what we want lol. :D

9th Jun 2004, 06:09
Originally posted by jso2897
One word: Midgets.

Hahaha.Rats can be also counted and other little creatures.

9th Jun 2004, 13:42
What I would like to see:

1: "Classic" style controls.
2: AOD graphics (lets see a hint of some muscles.......after all, Lara can jump 20 feet or so at a single bound!)
3: More enemies (but keep the T-Rex for sure.....heart-pounding action, that!)
4: More savegame slots (how about 20?)
5: The Croft Mansion (this should be a level, too!)
6: Definitely Nathan McCree's music.
7: Some in-game narration by Lara. I liked hearing her talk about her house in TR3.
8: And, of course, a level editor released at some point.

What I don't want to see:

1: 'Manga' Lara [shudders]
2: Other playable characters........Lara is all that matters!
3: Keep away from the shoot-fest idea.........finding your way around is the best part.
4: Nevermind the strength upgrades.......Lara should be strong enough from the get-go to do whatever. She just needs to acquire knowledge and pickups.
5: Game Bugs!!

9th Jun 2004, 17:28
Originally posted by Leisa406
If I hear "I FEEL stronger now" one more time, I'm gonna scream!
I would also like a "playable" Kurtis

Agreed with the first point Leisa, But a nice idea would be a choice to play either Lara or Kurtis, so you could in fact play two games for the price of one..... that would be nice. ;)

Please release the TR4 source code Eidos.

9th Jun 2004, 17:56
Originally posted by dhama
But a nice idea would be a choice to play either Lara or Kurtis, so you could in fact play two games for the price of one..... that would be nice. ;)

Actually, now that you mention it that would be really cool. Kind of like Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2.

10th Jun 2004, 04:18
Kurtis DOESN't belong there,It's Lara's game,and you should remember that!

10th Jun 2004, 12:48
Are you sure it's Lara's game? I sort of got the impression it was yours. :rolleyes:

I already remembered your personal opinion about Kurtis' place in the game, but I'd rather hear how Eidos & CD feel about that matter.

10th Jun 2004, 15:27
Where's Chase Carver when ya need him? It would be cool if they put him in the game. It would have made more sense to begin with.

Kurtis Trent
10th Jun 2004, 22:30
Things I want to see

1. Better graphics

2. More playable characters - for example, select new game from the menu, they show you a list of characters and a quick profile on them, you select one and play through the game with them. This would give so much replay value, and a better story.

3. RPGish elements - (not turn based combat lol) When you level up, you get points and get her stronger in a few different categories.

4. A deeper story with cutscenes

5. A longer game

6. The return of Kurtis Trent

7. The level editor!

Things I dont want to see

1. The climbing bar thing

2. The Jump button and Roll button flipped around on PS2

I probably have more, but I cant think of them....lol

11th Jun 2004, 05:52
Originally posted by insect
..I sort of got the impression it was yours.
Your impression is an idi0t! :D

It's not just mine,it's millions of NORMAL fans' also!:p :rolleyes: :D

12th Jun 2004, 04:04
Lara back to her own chirp chirp self
Kurtis at the start of the game talking to Lara
Kurtis kisses Lara
Lara's double pistols
Classic controls back
Lara's house as a level and to have a real good look around,
Lara sit in a chair switch the tv on stuff like that read in
her own libarary sleep now that would rock, a tr/sims together combo rock n roll.

12th Jun 2004, 22:32
+ The exact same controls as all the previous TRs before AOD
+ Lara's trademark dual pistols
+ Flip and shoot (this is a neccesity)
+ I want to be able to sprint and everything from the start
+ Kurtis, but still obvious that the game is about Lara
+ Lara's house, but not as a level. I liked it how it was in TRs 1-3 so that it would eliminate the need for a boring training level.
+ Vehicals. I miss boats and stuff
+ Harder levels and bosses, longer gameplay

- Any sort of grab timer bars and such, I feel so confined
- None of this run off a ledge and automatically turn around and grab it crap. Do what I say!
- Walking when I tell her to run
- River dancing on the stairs
- Gay hand thing
- Power Ups, they were just lame. I mean why did moving one block make any more of a difference than moving any other block?

Basically, I want a TR that's exactly the same as all the ones before AOD, except with the awesome graphics of AOD and I don't have a problem with Kurtis either (as long as they make him faster, able to swim, and use that rad weapon of his).


14th Jun 2004, 07:42
Things I want to see:

1. The old controls (TR1-5)
2. The dual pistols
3. The old automatic targeting system
4. Lara's house
5. Secrets
6. Larger and more immersive levels
7. Lara's voice from TR 2 & 3
8. More realistic graphics

Things I don't want

1. The new targeting system - Lara dancing in circles
2. Loading in the middle of a level
3. Automatic climbing when Lara steps close to a climable bit of wall/drainpipe, etc
4. A hand to tell me that something is interactive. I want to explore!!! and this means trying everything. (One thing I love about Silent Hill is all those silly doors that don't open, you know they won't open, and yet you still have to try them.)
5. Enemies that you can't kill. I don't mind the odd terrifying unkillable monster like that bull in TR4 but enough is enough, too many skeletons now.
6. The system that generated Lara's shadow in AoD - ridiculous.
7. Role playing talking.

The power ups I'm not sure about. In AoD the concept was rubbish, but the idea appeals to me if they can perfect it. I thought it would work like this - the computer would watch how you played Lara and when she had (eg) sprinted or swum a certain amount it would automatically increase her sprinting distance or swimming abilities. Lara would then be able to access different secrets or take different routes through the game depending on which area she was strongest in. And for the hardcore TR players, you could take your time and build up all strength areas equally and so find all secrets and take all routes.

I definitely don't want to gain power ups by pushing a specific (yet otherwise exactly the same as any other) block. And not be able to progress through the game until I do - it's unrealistic and silly. You should always be able to progress in the game. The power ups should only enable you to find different routes or secrets.

However, even if they do improve this part of the game, they should keep an option to play Lara normally throughout the game.

15th Jun 2004, 04:16

15th Jun 2004, 09:15
Wow,that was a lot of writing for me :D

19th Jun 2004, 05:07
I would buy a Tomb Raider game if it had the following . . .

-Science Fiction-If there can be a T-Rex, than there can be alien relics in Egypt, or a large, derelict space-craft on Mount Arafat. You all know that's not the ark on the mountain top, right?
-PC Support-No right-minded PC user wants to play an X-Box game. I want, options.
-Enemy Balance-Uberpowerful, individualist enemies or #*%!-loads of puny, insignificant nobodies.
-No Magic-I don't care about the Amulet of Whatever or the Ring of Power. Can't we all be content with an uninteresting (but very valuable) plan gold ring or jade amulet?
-Realistic Characters-Are they, cartoons?
-StarTopia-Cameos, storyline, I don't care. You got your Tomb Raiding hobbies . . . Heh . . .
-Breast Reduction Surgery-I'm not a pervert. Just an observant conservatist.

30th Jun 2004, 00:36
Originally posted by Invincible
Kurtis DOESN't belong there,It's Lara's game,and you should remember that!
Applause! My words.

5th Jul 2004, 02:01
What I want:
-A return to the style of Tomb Raider 1-2.
-Croft Manor, as a training level and nothing more
-A completely isolated plot similar to TR1-TR2: Lara goes in search of some artifact, gets into some trouble involved with a competing party in search of it, etc.
-Varied locations. Bring back the globe-trotting adventure feel.
-No mystical crap. The dagger/dragon thing in TR2 was the one thing that I thought was wrong with the game. It's fine every now and then, but I think after seeing Lara battle freaking Egyptian gods it'd be nice to see her after some ordinary powerless priceless artifact.
-Vehicles. Lara's got some money, let's give her a sexy Aston Martin for a car chase.
-Breast reduction. More than a handful is a waste. :D
-Basically, I want what I thought TR2 was: A cross between an Indiana Jones movie and a Bond movie with a cool female lead

What I DON'T want:
-Kurtis Trent or any other playable character.
-Stupid, cartoonish character design. If there's going to be a closeup of Lara's hand, could we at least have some fingernails textured on?
-Continuation of the AOD plot. I'm glad Crystal Dynamics is in control now, Core is obviously tired of it and incapable of making a good TR game now. A whole trilogy of AOD would be awful. There's been a continuing plot going on ever since TR4, with the whole Von Croy mess and everything, let's have something new for a change.
-Dark, dull atmosphere. It just didn't work in AOD.
-RPG elements, especially when implemented badly.

5th Jul 2004, 10:53
Yeah, also some cool sandy sceneries of pyramids and sunrays and those glass circle sun ray stuff and lots of crystal viscous crystal water, and all that kinda stuff. A new movie would be cool. CGI movie in the tradition of the cyan blue top Lara look. She does look pretty different in AOD.

6th Jul 2004, 12:24
I would like to see...

1) Lara nude ( I mean this girl have to take a bath every now and then... the last was in TR2 ) LOL :D
2) More Vehicles
3) An operator like Zip (TRC) helping Lara
4) A scenario that forces Lara to travel to many places to gather artifacts/info (TR3)
6) Kurtis Trent... - Hey, don't scream!
7) Bosses with magical powers, and mortal semi-bosses
8) Her small house -TRAINING-
9) Complexity in puzzles
10) More choices in conversations
11) Altrantive endings
12) Secrets -no ammo,roses but evidence-
13) More acrobatic moves

I wouldn't like to see:

1) Any remakes of the statues, piranchas in TR3, bulls, seth in TR4, Boaz in TRAOD.
2) Bugs like TRAOD
3) TRAOD playstasion-ed- controls for the PC
4) Anything that look like a spider that shoots lightning bolts (TR3)
5) "Things that doesn't fit" not like the swithes in TR2 venice or like the T-REX in TR3...