View Full Version : Weird graphic bug in T3

Toothpicks McGee
7th Jun 2004, 02:23
The game runs just fine but I've noticed there is a bizarre graphic bug that shows up often. I get these weird, thin white lines that appear just out of nowhere for not even half a second, as if they flicker in and out of the screen, but not enough to distract the whole gameplay experience, but just enough to get you out of the atmosphere the game depicts, and that sucks. They can be any size and any way(horizontally, vertically, etc) and sometimes they vary from size. Sometimes it could be a huge white block right out of nowhere and then just tiny lines. I tried turning vsynch on and off in the game and windows, nothing. Anyone experiencing this aswell?

its not the only game that has given me this, there have been others such as the warcraft 3 expansion, and gta vice city being the worst offender, having the same effect only more chronic as in constant flickering concentrated right in the center of the screen and renders the game unplayable.

I have a p4 2.0ghz with a ati radeon 9600 with the 4.4 drivers installed. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers fresh and it didn't change anything. I'm also running xp professional if that's of any pertinence. Could it be my monitor, because its a really old compaq and maybe its conflicting? but why only some games?

9th Jun 2004, 12:53
Anything overclocked in your system? Check for excessive heat, and/or a heat monitoring program usually tied to your motherboard. If this happens in other games, its most likely something to do with your computer rather than the game itself. Its possible that the more intensive games increases the load on the graphics card, or the card/system is pulling more power than what the power supply can give. Do you have good airflow within the case or just a fan or 2 besides the power supply fan?

Toothpicks McGee
9th Jun 2004, 21:38
Thanks for the reply.

Nothing is overclocked or tampered with and the video card is fairly new so I doubt it is faulty, but I do indeed only have 2 fans besides the one on the power supply, which are the one on the cpu and the one that came attached to the video card. I think it's probably an airflow issue. Should I add a better fan or an additional one?

Also, that's probably the case as this did not happen with my previous card, a geforece4 mx.

I'm going to check the bios and see if there is anything abnormal in the temperatures to make sure.