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John D.
7th Jun 2004, 00:07
I'm going to have a dive helmet in Garrett's inventory, so I want him not to run out of air when he goes into a water-filled area. How do I keep him with a steady air supply?

7th Jun 2004, 15:32
Have a look at the metaproperties under M-GarrettDiffSettings

Open the object heirarchy and from the Show Tree menu select MetaProperties and they're under Vulnerabilities.

The Air Supply and Breath config properties are the ones you'll need to change.
Note that you'll have to set them for Normal, Hard and Expert.

In my opinion, the supply should be increased (default is 30-35 seconds) but not infinite because that would remove a significant challenge from the game.

Setting it to a few minutes would lull the players into a false sense of security. They'd be encouraged to do a lot of underwater exploring but they'd still have to surface.

You could even set up a loadout chache/store and make a description for the helmet that tells the players roughly how long the air will last.

MetaProperties are part of the GameSys, so if you change them you'll have to save a .gam file as well

evil Garrett
8th Jun 2004, 12:07
Originally posted by John D.
I want him not to run out of air when he goes into a water-filled area.

I think R Soul is quite right. You'll have to set helmet air supply up to... maybe 2 or 3 minutes, if the action is not underwater at the most of time (but everything depends of your mission type, so i can't give you better advise).I think the dive helmet is good idea, keep on developing it.:)