View Full Version : Flow current question.

John D.
6th Jun 2004, 23:47
I have multiple waterbrushes in my next FM that takes place in an Mechanist underwater base I have one of the flow brushes set to have a current that sweeps you down (similar to what Purah did in CL) However once I set that one, every flowbrush gets the same setting! How do I stop this?

7th Jun 2004, 15:10
When you select the brush look at the bottom of the screen and see the number next to Group.

If two flow brushes have the same group number then they will have the same properties, so after creating the second flow brush, click on the > to change the group number.

I suggest making a note of each group number and what it does (flow, colour, etc) so you can keep track of them.

7th Jun 2004, 17:43
Indeed. I think I used about 13 flow groups in my RGB mission.

John D.
7th Jun 2004, 20:23
Okay, I've had some success so far, but the view is distorted around the portholes so I'm going to have to rearrange things a little bit with portholes having their own brushes.

9th Jun 2004, 15:44
Are you sure you don't have the flow vector set to the wrong axis?

John D.
9th Jun 2004, 20:45
Not sure, but I seem to have fixed the problem now. I gave the portholes their own brush seperate from the brush that sweeps you over the edge of the underwater cliff to your doom! I also arranged things to control player access to certian areas. I have multiple windows and access points, so I this arrangement seems to work best.