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5th Jun 2004, 19:55
wich stairwell balcony is that painting on for the last "special loot" item.
ive searched everywhere. on the first mission

5th Jun 2004, 19:59
the special loot painting on the 1st (real) mission is in the first area, not the inner. At the top of the stairwell there are 2 doors, 1st is out to the inner area, and 2nd is to a place with a bookshelf and a locked door, pick the locked door, inside are some crates, move aside the crates on the left and there is a opening. crawl through the opening, your now on the balcony with the painting. go over to that painting and steal it :D

5th Jun 2004, 21:01
wow and i walked past that like 40 times. need to keep my eyes open