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5th Jun 2004, 16:32
I apologize if this is addressed already and I'm just being a dumb blonde, but I finally got the game installed after several install crashes. Now when the first mission starts, I start drifting to the right and have to keep the "a" button pressed just to stay in place. I feel like I'm swimming against the tide, and I don't see any sensitivity settings options...gggrrrr!!!

Has anyone else had this happen and how can I fix it!!!!???

Thanks a ton,


5th Jun 2004, 16:33
Do you have a gamepad or joystick plugged in?

5th Jun 2004, 16:47
Yes, I had a Wingman USB plugged in. Let me try again. Thanks!

5th Jun 2004, 16:51
THANKS!!!! Unplugging the Wingman did the trick...

Hugs and Kisses

5th Jun 2004, 16:51
No problem. Ya for some reason joysticks tend to do that in FPS games.

5th Jun 2004, 21:12
That's what happens when the damn game enables joystick support WITHOUT ASKING YOU.