View Full Version : hows the XBOX version?

5th Jun 2004, 07:16
how well does the XBOX version run? how good does it look compared to a high setting on a PC? can you save anywhere? anyone that owns the XBOX version please respond

5th Jun 2004, 07:30
OK lemme tell ya how the x-box version being I have first hand knwoledge and will you straight up..... I have only owned an x-box since like last april or so. Whenever ninaj Gaiden came out. Cause I wanted ninja gaiden so bad cause it kicekd ass on the nintendo, and i ****in loved it. So I said **** it, I'ma buy an xbox and ninja gaiden. Well it kicked ass, and I loved the game, then I bought rallisport challenge 2 and it kicked ass, I love that game as well. So when thief 3 came out, I was on such an x-box hihgh I was like **** it. i'ma get that **** for xbox too!!!! Now I've been a Thief fan since the first came out back in the day, and I figured the xobox version would kick ass, cause I got a sony hdtv, component interconnects for the xbox,a $3000 harmon kardon/cambridge soundworks sournd stereo, and I was all ready for some ****.....but oh **** what I got was mega dissapointment. The xbox version can suck my balls as far as detail and framerate are concerned. I traded my week old thief3 in back to gamecrazy for a pc version. So now I own thief 3 for 67.99 YAY!!!!!!! ****in ****. Oh well at least it runs all smooth and pretty now. **** TEH X-BOX VERSION!!!!!!!!

Ogami Itto
5th Jun 2004, 17:56
Ignore the chimp who replied to you, he is obviously just trying to make fun of Xbox'ers.

Anyhoo, the game works great on Xbox. I'm having a total blast. framerate dips at parts with tons of lighting effects, but it never comes close to being a slideshow or unplayable. You can save anywhere and do everything else as per the PC version. How does it look compared to High End PC's? Probably no comparison... the Xbox isn't a High End PC. How does it look to me? Fantastic! I'm no graphics whore, but I like good graphics and this game has 'em.

5th Jun 2004, 18:03
Let's put it this way, if you can get it for the PC or the Xbox. Get it for the PC.

5th Jun 2004, 18:32
I have an XBox and PC, played the T3 demo on PC but still we're broke so we rented T3 on XBox from www.gamefly.com and I do see differences. First off it's nearly impossible to play during the day with glare on the TV, the game was meant to be played with a Mouse but movement is sometimes easier using an XBox controller. The graphics are slightly better on PC and that's about it. I've noticed a bug where the sound stops, but if you just save/reload then you'll be fine even if you save with no sound. The loadtimes are a bit longer but it's nothing that would completely end all life as we know it. If I had $60 on me and all mah bills paid, I'd pick up T3 for PC for $40 and spend the other $20 going to the movies, you'll need a high end PC but if ya do then you'll be fine!

(Was that a sucky review or what? Don't review games when you just wake up!)