View Full Version : mansion loot?

5th Jun 2004, 02:32
This makes me very sad, but I seem to be stuck at 89% of the loot from overlook mansion. I've knocked everyone out so that I can roam freely from room to room. As far as I know I've been everywhere and frobbed everything that looks remotely lootable. Yet not only do I not have 100%, I can't even get to my required 90%! :confused:

Does anyone know of any easy-to-overlook bauble or otherwise have suggestions for finding loot in this mission?

You would think with all the loot glint, this would be a non-issue, but sadly I'm still stuck. :rolleyes:

5th Jun 2004, 02:45
Im not sure myself, as I just completed the game an hour ago on normal so i didnt really bother trying to find all the loot. But I have noticed that there are a lot of special loot things and expensive items in high places that you can only get to with climbing gloves. I would reccomend looking in big rooms with highplaces and see if you can find any sections of the room that have nice statues with shineys on them! That helped me out in the Keeper Library one in the room right outside the voting tower. Look up and BOOM statue with neckalaces worth 350. My bad if youv already tryed this, but for now its all i can think of :( .

5th Jun 2004, 03:03
Did you get the two paintings? Theyre what got me. One is on the upstairs of the round room above where the telescope was. There are two paintings, there, one of them is stealable, the other was near the front door in the other zone but I cant quite remember where.

5th Jun 2004, 03:12
Thanks for the suggestions. I scanned a walkthrough that I found, and noticed a few things that I had missed. I should probably have given it more of an effort, but I was growing pretty bored with this map. Anyway, here are some tips for other frustrated taffers:

There are multiple paintings to be had in this mission, be sure to check them all out.
There are a couple well-hidden goblets - most notably on top of pantries and in out-of-the-way couches.

I hope this helps someone, and good luck!