View Full Version : Hello there, long time no see!

5th Jun 2004, 00:07
Hello again!

Some of you may remember me, lol. Short after my encounter with AOD I lost all interest in Tomb Raider. Therefore I have not been visiting this forum anymore. Although I kept visiting http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com from time to time for news. Now what brought me here is that fact that the site, including the forum is offline for days now. Why is that?

5th Jun 2004, 03:58
I don't know what's happened to the chronicles site, but hello again :)

5th Jun 2004, 13:10
Hi Ethereal.

I don't know why its down either. Maybe MissLara2U will show up and give us some info.

5th Jun 2004, 17:52
Hello everyone.

ML2U can't be here these days. He tries to fix the problem. There is a technical fault and the server will be up this Monday (around 9am GMT).

6th Jun 2004, 00:20
Thanks Elen.

ML2U is a guy? :confused: :D