View Full Version : Is allying important?

4th Jun 2004, 23:18
Hello folks. I've got a question here about being allies with the Hammers and Pagans. Is it worthwhile to bother? I mena, sure it's lots of fun to do the side quest of shooting bugs with my *magic* bow, but do I need to care if the two sides like me? It makes the game easier if they aren't trying to kill me, but I really really want to kill all the hammer people I can find. Smug bastards. Has anyone found a benifit to befriending the two sides, and what happens if I don't?

4th Jun 2004, 23:41
Theyll help you out in the city, worth it in my opinion. You can kill all you please while on missions without changing your faction.

5th Jun 2004, 00:20
Well, saying this might spoil the later parts of the game for you, so I'll block it off. I'll try not to be too specific in any event.
At later points in the game, you will be required to go into both Hammer and Pagan areas to accomplish certain objectives. Being ally with them allows you to just walk in, instead of sneaking in. At one point, you are on something of a timer, so avoiding or dealing with enemies can make you fall behind. Also, you'll run across wandering Hammerites and Pagans on the streets, especially the farther along in the game you get. It is possible to make it through without allying with them. It's just a little harder.