View Full Version : Clocktower *spoiler*

4th Jun 2004, 17:56
I wanna stop de clocktower but Garret keeps saying 'That's not enough, I need to stop it permanently...'

I already pulled the coal and steam lever, then the halting mechanism.

Doesn't work...


4th Jun 2004, 18:40
You have to do them in the right order. I had the exact same trouble you're having.

Sadly I can't remember which order off the top of my head. I think you should have a note in your Goals screen somewhere that tells the right order though. I think it's steam, coal, main lever...but it may be coal, steam, main lever. I'm not sure if screwing up the order causes a problem if you try to redo it in the right order. If you have a save from just before messing with ANY of the levers go back to it and start over. If not just keep trying is all I can say...it finally worked for me.

There also may be a timer, meaning you have to hit all 3 in the right order and within a certain time limit (that may be wrong though).

4th Jun 2004, 18:45
I have heard that the coal and/or the steam will reset after a few minutes. When I played through the first time, I KO'd everyone on the lower level before I did any of that, so I just pulled the lever on the coal, ran to the steam valve, turned the handle, and then ran down to the floor to engage the halting mechanism.

4th Jun 2004, 20:21
Got it!