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4th Jun 2004, 02:20
Okay, I am considered a brave person. I'm about 19 years old, workout constantly, can bench around 350 pounds. I dont get scared from movies, or whatever else there is. Yet... I cannot complete the Cradle mission. I have to find this girls shirt in White Hall... Ive scoured it, and cannot locate it.

"Well just look harder!" you all shout.

Well that's the problem. This level scares the sh|t out of me, and I don't have the will to run the game. It's pissing me off. Can I skip the level somehow? Thanks

4th Jun 2004, 02:28
I know I'm new, but I'll echo what others would likely say. Search is a wonderful tool, try it out. ;)

In cell 5 you'll see some uneven bricks at the end of the cell... remove them and there ya go. ;)

4th Jun 2004, 02:31
I thought of finding a way to skip it to - I just started it yesterday and currently I'm off to White Hall as well. I've seen one of those infamous zombies - seems whenver they come near lights they screw up the electricity and they start to flicker...

I've decided NOT to find a way to skip it though. It terrifys me mroe then any other game level has before, but I wouldn't be able to really say I beat Deadly Shadows if I didn't see this through.

At least the knocking from the attic stopped. Praise the Builder :D

4th Jun 2004, 04:04
Ahhhh! After near 2 hours of INTENSE gameplay, I managed to beat the cradle level! I managed to escort the ghost to her grave, and get out, and reach the keeper compound. I hope to god this new level doesn't involve the Undead. I managed to beat cradle doing this lil trick I learned:

WHen fighting the undead. Get on your knees (the crawl position, you perverts) and slice away at the undead with your dagger! Sure, they spring back up when u get near them again. If you must go near their fallen body, just rinse and repeat the same tactic. Doesnt work on "Alive" opponets thgough,