View Full Version : Anyone find cheats yet?

3rd Jun 2004, 21:08
People spare me the whole "Cheaters are bad". If I buy the game I want to play how I want to play, the only time this doesnt apply is for multiplayer games...

Anyway, if anyone has found any cheats yet please post. Im mostly looking for boat loads of money cheat...I dont mind dieing, I just want arrows....

3rd Jun 2004, 21:29
try looking in the INI files
otherwise no codes have ever been made for these games

3rd Jun 2004, 21:32
buttloads of money won't help, because the in-game stores have limits on how much you can buy.

3rd Jun 2004, 21:58
I have seen these "ini cheats" they seem to be bugged. I tried them to see if they are valid or not. They seem to work only IF you restart the game AND only in the first 2 missions.

I am supposed to be "invisible" to everyone and yet guards see me left and right. So these do not work.

I would be happy just to have the cash to buy my limits of whatever I needed in potions or arrows. Too bad I can't get a good supply of Holy Water.

But as I said these "cheats" where you modify the ini seem to be limited in what levels and mobs that are affected.

And for any one who wants to flame, forget it. I always check stuff like this out for validation purposes only. I then post that they work or do not work.

I prefer a challange myself. BUT a cheat is a personal choice so I never cared for flaming someone who does want to use them. Its their choice.

4th Jun 2004, 01:49
Ditto . . .

8th Jun 2004, 01:07
Like I said invulnerability, invisibility, stuff like that, that just makes the game to easy...and yes the INI files dont work all of the time. So far from what I have read I will look into it and maybe shed some light on the buggedness...

As for the "Boat loads of money wouldnt do any good comment" I dont see how it wouldnt. I would like to keep a supply of water arrows, there are a max, I know that but when you only have 2 or 3 left walking around the city about to take on a new mission with no cash... Come on it would help. I believe in being prepared for anything.

I like the realisticness of the game so god mode would ruin it, if you get caught its time to load (if you saved).

*note: situations are close quarter combat.
*note2: any situation can be dealt with by use of flash bomb or moss arrow

1 guard: You can take, with health potion afterword.
2 guards: slim chance if you arrowed one of them already 2 potions after.
3+ guards: your dead