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3rd Jun 2004, 08:30

When i want to play i see only the atributres (compas etc.) and the rest of the screen is totally grey. I that the stuff about the videocard problems. I really really really want to play this game.

So could someone please tell me wha the problem is :(

3rd Jun 2004, 08:35
I can't help you without knowing more information. Please post your full system specs, your operating system, and what drivers you are using.

3rd Jun 2004, 08:55
- Asus P4B533, S-478, i845, 3xDDR, Audio, USB2.0
- Intel Pentium 4 2,53Ghz, 533Mhzm, S-478, 512Kb
- 2x Western Digital 80,0 Gb, 7200rpm, ATA100, 8Mb cache
- Asus V8420 GeForce4 Ti4200, 128MB, DVI
- Dane-elec Dimm 512Mb DDR SDRAM PC2700
- Creative Soundblaster 5.1 Live!
- Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional

I hope you know what it could be :(
Oh, and i also had this problem with the FarCry demo, but I really wanna play Thief (kind of a fan and almost Thief 3 out in The Netherlands)

3rd Jun 2004, 09:19
Ok, well obviously your system can run the game fine so it's not a hardware problem. But you didn't say what drivers your are using. This game has had a lot of troubles with graphics drivers. The latest one's produce some errors
and others don't work well. Try playing around with your drivers a bit to see if that helps. First make sure they are updated to the newest set, which you can do by going to www.nvidia.com. Or if they are already updated then try rolling them back. You can find old drivers in the archives of the nvidia site. As an alternative you can try some omega drivers here, http://www.omegacorner.com/

It really sounds like a driver issue to me. But if nothing works with the drivers then also run an antivirus check and also an adware and spyware check to make sure your system is clean. You can always try to reinstall the game too.

But I'm betting it's your drivers.

3rd Jun 2004, 09:24
hehe, sorry.

I use the driver thats on the cd's, so two years old. I will look on the site for new driver. If that is not the solution i will say it :)


3rd Jun 2004, 09:28
2 year old drivers?!

Hehe, no wonder you're having problems.

Here's the latest drivers for your graphics card:


However, I noticed some shadowing problems with the 56.72's. So you may want to try one's that are a little older if you do have any problems.

The nvidia driver archive for XP and 2000 is here:


3rd Jun 2004, 09:32
jepjep, now it sounds really stupid to me too :P

i'm downloading the nv5672_2kxp.zip, hopefully it will help

3rd Jun 2004, 09:47
When i want to install nv5672_2kxp.zip it says installation failed :(
so i tried the nv5655_2kxp.zip version and gave the same alert.

3rd Jun 2004, 09:59
Well it shouldn't give you that error, but try uninstalling your old drivers first before trying to install new ones.

This is done by going into your device manager >Display adapter > graphics card > properties. Then choose uninstall. You'll probably have to reboot.

If you still have problems let me know.

3rd Jun 2004, 20:37
I only restarted my pc and the update of the drivers was succesfull. I can play the demo! :D

thanx for all your help!

3rd Jun 2004, 21:35
Not a problem. Glad you could get it working. Now go steal stuff.:D