View Full Version : Thief-Deadly Shadows my opinion

3rd Jun 2004, 05:54
I love playing the thief games. This game was no exception. I thought the ending was a great way to finish the game. It does make me sad that this is probably the last thief game made. Thank you EIDOS for very enjoyable games. I will miss thief.:)

3rd Jun 2004, 06:34
i want to see an expansion pack! i want to see tools to make your own levels! I want to see a sequel!

3rd Jun 2004, 06:52
Well, after the recent happenings at Ion Storm the only way we'll get to see an expansion is if you buy the rights to the thief franchise and develop it yourself... Sad as it is, I think this will be the last Thief game... The Thief series has just departed to the great green pastures of obscurity along with System Shock and Terra Nova... <Sigh>...