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3rd Jun 2004, 02:09
Ok...funny thing just happened. I come out of Old Town into Stonemarket Proper and there are two Hammer Mages standing there. I'm allied with the Hammers, so I just walk right by them. But as I'm doing this, a town watchman sees me and comes running up with his sword drawn. Since I'm allied with the Hammers, the two mages roast him. This attracts the attention of some other town guards who also come running. One of the mages gets hit by an arrow and calls for help, so hammers start coming to help them out as well. On top of this a pagan wanders in during this fight, gets hit by a guard and calls for help, so now PAGANS, including two Shaman, are also running into the huge fight. I was hiding behind a crate the whole time shooting arrows at anyone who wasn't me or a Hammerite. But by the time this was over the place was a warzone. There were at least four dead town watch, four dead pagans, two dead hammers (one of the two mages and a regular hammer guard who had come to help) a dead bandit, and two dead civilians who had gotten to close to the fireballs/green whispy pagan magic things. I finally came out from behind my crate and it looked like a warzone. Corpses and blood everywhere, and civilians wandering over, seeing all this, then running in circles because there were no town watch left for them to go get (I guess their pathfinding was getting confused?). Anyway just thought I'd share because I thought it was hilarious.

Although sidenote, doesn't anyone else find it odd that Hammers will attack town watch in order to protect a thief?

3rd Jun 2004, 02:49
Not odd, you're allied with them. I am too, and witnessed a very simular thing...most amusing, definately! I wish I'd looked up how to take screenshots, bodies sure hit the floor!

I imagine pagans do the same thing.

Kanelle Bella
3rd Jun 2004, 02:56
I actually went threw the whole game not getting allied with anyone just to make it more challenging.

I witnessed a couple of brawls that were realy amusing. Had to end them quick before I died though. The gas bombs come in REAL handy.


3rd Jun 2004, 03:03
I also had something similar to this happen in the same part of town. I'm not allied with anyone, though, so I can't blame it on overzealous Hammerites. I was hiding in deep shadow the whole time, and nobody ever discovered me. I have no idea what triggered it, but suddenly people were shouting, pulling weapons, and slaughtering each other. It was hilarious. All I could do was watch in bewildered wonderment and try not to fall out of my chair from laughing.

Next thing I know, most everyone is dead, and every citizen that walks by starts screaming about the dead bodies. That gets the surviving guards all riled up, and they start searching for whoever is responsible. I'm still rolling on the ground trying to hold in my sides so I don't die from laughter, so I don't notice the one guard searching in my little shadow-filled corner. Well, he spots me and gives me a stern warning with his sword until I collapse.

When I wake up, I'm in prison! Turns out, there's a whole little adventure for breaking out of prison, so its actually kind of cool. I break out, recover my stuff, and free all the other prisoners. (I figure it'll be harder for the guards to focus on me with a half-dozen other prisoners escaping at the same time.)

Ok, all that was the fun part. The bad part is that long afterward, I returned to the same part of town, only to find that there were still dead bodies on the ground. The citizens still panicked upon finding dead bodies, which got the guards all riled up again, and the next thing I know I'm running for my life. :rolleyes:

Eventually I got tired of the mess and went around picking up bodies and throwing them into the lock-up. Then I cleaned up the blood with some water arrows, and knocked out any citizens that had witnessed me carrying bodies around. That seemed to settle things down a bit, but it may be a bit early to tell. Last time I was there, it seemed that everyone was ok with me walking about except for the city guard, which is to say that all was back to normal so far as I could determine.

ADD version: I'm pretty sure this is some kind of bug, or a very poorly done scripted event. The various factions seem to attack each other and then whoever survives blames the whole thing on Garrett. Good luck cleaning up the mess, it took me a bit of doing!

3rd Jun 2004, 03:48
yeah it seems to of happend after the cradle mission for me

but i was allied with both and they even managed to turn against me some times i had about 18 bodies on the ground when i left

Kill the King
3rd Jun 2004, 04:10
AI sucks in this game flat out

but at least it's amusing to watch lol


3rd Jun 2004, 05:15
I had a similar thing that was so odd I thought it was a bug (and maybe it was - an AI bug). In the stonemarket area I knocked out the fence in his house on the top floor, and dumped a guard in there as well. A bit later, I heard shouting and ran around a corner to see what was going on. The fence was standing on his balcony railing, blood spurted from his head, and he fell down off the railing to the street below, while guards and bystanders milled around.

Later, in the other Stonebridge area, I dumped a couple of unconscious people in an upper floor room and again the same thing happened - heard shouting, went to look, and there were the two people lying on the ground under the balcony of the upper room - quite dead.

Not sure if they committed suicide from shame, or they came to and wandered out on the balcony and got blamed for Garrett's misdemeanors and the guards shot them, or perhaps they were just disoriented from the coshes on the head and fell.

It hasn't happened again, though.

3rd Jun 2004, 05:56
how in the world did you get to knock out a fence when i cannot not even move when i see one

3rd Jun 2004, 18:46
I was wondering how you could knock out a fence too, you can't. They don't move and you can only buy or sell stuff when you are near them. Plus they totally repeat themselves over and over, which is VERY annoying. I already heard the speech, now shut it next time I come in! Anyway, maybe he didn't knock out a fence but some other kind of character.

And about the faction allies, it took me by surprise the first time a hammer came to my aid when a city watch came after me because the hammers are now allied with me. Havent' seen a city brawl yet but a small altercation took place when a city watch spotted me and drew his arrows just in time for a hammer to see him. They got into it but the hammer lost and the city watch ran after me, bastard!

The pagans are still neutral with me even though I have mossed over everything in site for them but at least they say "hello sneaksie thief" to me when I pass by, that makes me laugh every time.

3rd Jun 2004, 21:35
that zone is a hotbed of war i tell you, ok the 2 bandits next to the church thinking of breaking in do their talk about getting in, so i stealsy the map and i walk away, i bumped into the woman bandit and she said 'keep your hands off me", so i walked away and a woman peasant saw me standing in semi shaded area and screamed for no reason. so she ran off and a guard came back, but he went to where the fishman is in jail for a good minute, then all the sudden the peasant screamed again and the lady who i brushed up against was running around looking for me "Ill find you!" so i hid she went back near the jail with the fishman and saw the gaurd who was also looking for me and she attacked him saying "Thought you could get away eh thief!" i laughed so hard at this cus she killed him in 2 hits and sheathed her sword saying something like "a job well done" needless to say i try to avoid her seeing me now, she must be a powerful foe lol

4th Jun 2004, 00:29
There is a fence in Stonemarket on an upper floor. You overhear him talking to the fake Garret about stealing a knife and putting it in the box beside the Hammer CHurch to get payment.

You can't buy anything from this fence, though. But you can steal from him.

4th Jun 2004, 00:33
Ahhh yes, that guy. I visit him every day, knock him out and steal from him. Benny the drunk guard is usually standing there on the balcony swaying to and fro, first I knock him out though and dump him by the fence's window. :D

I really love this game!

Except for the Shalebridge Cradle mission...that is killin' me right now! :eek: